Options For Sinus Infection Treatment

5 Best Options For Sinus Infection Treatment

Sinus is a severe problem that leads to pressure and pain in the face, which makes you very much uncomfortable. You can feel like keeping your head under the pillows till the pain does not subside. If this is the first pain or you are used to it, you can follow these five options for sinus infection treatment.

Symptoms Of Sinus

If this is the first time, then you should know about the symptoms. Bad breath, pain in the tooth, pressure in the ear, and headache, sinus pressure are the common symptoms of sinus infections. Moreover, you can have nasal drainage, nose blockage, and fever. Bacterial infection can trouble you for about ten days, and it will accompany with a high fever.

5 Best Options For Sinus Infection Treatment
5 Best Options For Sinus Infection Treatment

Over The Counter Drugs

Once you have a sinus infection, you can consume any OTC medications that you take for cold. This will help you get rid of the viruses. If you have a fever or pain in the head or muscles or throat, you can take ibuprofen or Tylenol. Nyquil helps you sleep better if you can’t sleep properly. You can also use cough drops as well as throat spays if you have nasal problems.

Antihistamine Medications For Sinus Infection Treatment

To get relief from a sinus infection, antihistamine drugs are very beneficial. You can take Claritin, Sudafed, or Benadryl for getting relief. These drugs are mainly for allergies. But since most of the sinus infection occurs due to allergic attacks, taking antihistamine drugs can help.

Use Of Neti Pots

Do you have allergies? Are you suffering from sinus infections or other symptoms of a cold? Then you can use sinus rinses as well as Neti pots. If you have trouble breathing or nasal irrigation, these remedies will help in making the drainage clear. They also make the mucus thin. Thus, all the allergens wash away when you blow your nose.

Using Neti pots once a day is sufficient. However, if the symptoms are severe, then you can use it 44-5 times or even more unless you feel uneasy with it. You must clean it after every use so that bacteria can’t grow. Sometimes you might have a dry nose or bloody nose due to the overuse of Neti pots.

Aromatherapy For Sinus Infection Treatment

One of the most popular natural ways of treating sinus infection is aromatherapy. You can use natural scents like eucalyptus or peppermint for opening the respiratory tract. Besides, you can also keep some essential oils in the humidifiers. This will spread the aroma everywhere in the room.

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5 Best Options For Sinus Infection Treatment

Using Antibiotics

It is always wise to go to the doctor as soon as you have a cold. This is because all the symptoms of cold and cough and sinus are equally painful for every human being. However, try to avoid taking antibiotics as most of the sinus infection occurs because of viruses. In case the symptoms do no vanish within a week, you can start taking antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.

If your sinus infection is chronic, then you might have abscesses in the nasal area though it is very rare. In such cases, taking prescribed drugs is essential.

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