Why Antibiotics Don’t Work Long Term For Acne

Why Antibiotics Don't Work Long Term For Acne

Having acne is a common problem for teenagers and also for them who have hormonal disbalance. Out of worry, we go to a dermatologist for a checkup. And then return with a prescription of antibiotics, creams, and facewashes. We generally assume these medicines to be safe as the so-called professional doctors prescribe then. We take the antibiotics for acne as our first rescue tool when the external-apply medication fails. 

Most doctors or dermatologists prescribe antibiotics for the treatment of inflammatory acne like Erythromycin, Tetracycline, Minocycline, and Doxycycline. They do their activities in the body by killing the bacteria surrounding the hair follicle. They also help to reduce the inflammation in the body caused by acne. White blood cells produce chemical irritants, which also can be decreased by antibiotics for acne.

I know these above facts will make you feel positive about antibiotics. But it’s not actually. These medicines can have short-term and long-term side effects varying from nausea to becoming disposed to rashes. Even a small course of antibiotics for acne can result in a noticeable disbalance of good and bad bacteria in your stomach. Antibiotics not only result in short-term results but also cover the root cause of acne temporarily and, as a consequence, helps acne to grow. To be on the safe side, you must check the effectiveness as well as the long-term and short-term side effects. 

Short-Term Consequences & Reoccurrence Rates :

Antibiotics work up to the time of having it. After we finish the course, acne reoccurs in our body and again starts to irritate us. That means antibiotics only offer a temporary solution for acne but doesn’t cure the real cause of it. From a reference, I found that 164 patients out of 200 got into a trap of relapse rates of acne after they stopped taking those medicines. It is an 82% failure and more than enough to prove the ineffectiveness of this treatment. 

Long-Term Side Effects Of Antibiotics For Acne : 

It’s a big question whether it is safe to take antibiotics for acne for a long time. Unfortunately, these drugs don’t target the acne-causing bacteria. They kill your good bacteria(or probiotics) that your body requires to function well. Then this results in a long-term effect for the matter of your stomach. A proper balance of good and bad bacteria is very crucial for the gut, without which it will result in candida overgrowth and a syndrome of loose gut function. Both can cause inflammation in the body and cystic acne. This antibiotics treatment result in acne to come back. 

Developing antibiotic resistance is another feature of using antibiotics. To develop this resistance ability, it takes a few months but typically years after use. Department of Dermatology at the University of British Columbia reported that 52% and 50% acne-causing bacteria are resistant to Erythromycin and Clindamycin, respectively. These are the popular antibiotics prescribed by the dermatologists, killing half of the targeted bacteria and the other half untreated. Using these drugs for the long run can cause your acne to come back later. 

Short-Term Side Effects Of Antibiotics For Acne :

It’s also important to be careful about the short-term side effects. Antibiotics can cause an upset stomach(nausea, vomiting), itching, vaginal discharge or itching in vagina, rash(allergic reaction, hives), breathe shortage, diarrhea, etc. 

Conclusion: Whether To Go For Antibiotics For Acne

Antibiotics are a short term cure for acne but long term harm. I recommend taking these antibiotics if you need to cure an infection, but don’t rely on them for acne treatment. Instead, you can use the Blue Light Acne Laser Pen. 

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antibiotics for acne
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