Are You Dreaming With A Curly Hair But Don’t Have Time To Go to The Hairdresser? Check This Then!

If you’re looking to score naturally curly, straight, or wavy hair without the usage of any heat products, hair rollers are your fix! They provide substantial volume to one’s hair and prevent it from looking flat therefore making it a healthier alternative to heat applicants. In this article, we’re going to see the pros and cons of using DIY hair rollers in depth so let’s get started.

DIY Hair Rollers

DIY hair rollers are easy and quick to use hair styling tools that add dramatic curly waves and naturally stretch out the hair strands unlike the toxic chemicals and hair styling appliances that use heat which prevents hair growth at its original pace. Strands of hair are taken together and segmented into parts, and each part is rolled along with the plastic curler and held in place for a minimum of fifteen to twenty minutes. However, the longer it is curled, the more voluminous are the curls. If you are looking for some items that you can easily learn and use and will help you maintain your beautiful curly hair, you should get one of these DIY Hair Rollers right now. 


  • Size: 9cm
  • Type: Bendy Rollers
  • Material: Plastic
  • Quantity: 12pcs
  • Item Type: Hair Rollers
  • Applicable hair: All hair
A pencil and paper


  • It eliminates the need for the use of products that require and use high temperatures for hair styling needs.
  • It retains moisture and maintains the health of hair since flat irons and blow dryers dry out the hair almost immediately.
  • It is multi-purposeful as not only does it style one’s hair but also dries their hair from post-shower dampness at the same time, therefore, reducing the time taken for the complete hair care and/or styling routine. 
  • With roller sets, the curls or straighter waves tend to last longer than when styled using heat applicants. This is because the hair is being styled while it is still wet thereby altering its natural structure. However, the structure lasts longer when styled using heat applicants if it is styled after the hair is dry from its wash.


  • It could be considered time-consuming when compared to other styling appliances since they can only be removed after the wet hair is completely dry. If removed earlier, the desired results may not be shown.
  • The number of rollers that are commonly sold in a single pack may sometimes be insufficient so a purchase of two or three is usually needed, especially for thicker and/or longer hair, but cost-wise, it is nonetheless a lot more budget-friendly than the styling appliances. 
  • It could cause hair to tangle and can even sometimes result in breakage of hair strands or get stuck in the plastic if an individual is not cautious and precise with the removal of the rollers.


DIY hair rollers are suitable for all hair types and are portable making them convenient even while traveling. It is the perfect styling product that one can get their hands on if they haven’t already.

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