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Homeopathy is known for its gentle and safe therapeutic methods. Homeopathy is preferred over conventional treatment by people worldwide since it has no side effects and is non-toxic and non-addictive. A homeopathic health practitioner utilizes pills or liquid combinations containing only a tiny amount of an active component for disease therapy. Highly diluted compounds are what they are called. Homeopathic medicine works by boosting your immune system and nerves to help your body recover itself. It is recognized to treat a wide range of chronic and acute illnesses. The homeopathic remedy kit is entirely risk-free. Here are some homeopathy remedy kits to get you started:

Kit Packages For The Nhs:

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A great approach to start a homeopathic pharmacy at your clinic or at home. All four of our Professional Kits (each with 100 distinct remedies) in the potency of your choice, for a total of 400 cures available right away. The tiny pellets in half-dram glass vials can be used dry or simply combined in water. Other potencies are available for purchase individually for the individual kits. A decent Repertory is recommended.

Emergency First Aid Kit:

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This set includes fifty medications on sugar pellets in 1/2-dram amber glass vials for acute and emergency conditions. The plastic case is 5.5 x 2.75 x 1.75 inches in size, weighs less than a pound, and easily fits into handbags, baggage bags, backpacks, glove compartments, and other small spaces. It also includes a summary of some of the most typical applications for each cure. A handy kit for the house, business, car, travel, and so on. This is a beautiful gift to give to family and friends.

Upgrade Your Emergency Kit:

Add these 50 extra regularly used treatments to your Emergency Remedy Kit. Only 1/2-dram vials in 30C and 200C are available. If you opt to add the 50 remedies from your Emergency Kit, the case includes room for 100 vials. All of the remedies in the PRO KIT I are included in this kit.

A Professional Kit:

In a secure plastic box, this kit comprises 100 medicines in 1/2-dram glass vials of pellets. It includes the 50 treatments from the Emergency Kit and fifty more clinical and polycrest remedies. The additional 50 remedies are also available as an add-on kit to the 30C and 200C First Aid Emergency Kits.

Kit II For Professionals:

In a safe plastic box, this kit comprises another 100 medicines in 1/2-dram glass vials of pellets. The medicines were picked from Herring, Kent, Vithoulkas, Gibson, and Murphy’s Materia Medicals.

Disaster Relief And Safety:

These are a valuable and suitable addition to the Homeopathy Remedy Kit and the Household Kit. The remedies come in a semi-hard plastic case with all of the mentioned medicines.


These remedies are intended to be used for the short-term relief of acute symptoms of self-limiting diseases. They should not be used to treat major medical disorders. For medical advice, consult your homeopathic physician for a homeopathy remedy kit. To guide and lead your treatment decision, try to focus on one guiding symptom that dominates the acute worry, usually the most restricting or uncomfortable.

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