Bad Breath: Natural Remedies

Bad Breath? Try These Natural Remedies

Bad breath can change a lot of things. Brushing our teeth is a regular routine like eating and bathing. Some people do this twice a day and some people only in the morning. But sometimes brushing your teeth with an ordinary toothpaste is not enough. Though children find boring tasks to do in the morning. But this can be dangerous for them because toothpastes have fluoride and some toothpastes have parabens also.

Now its time to brush your teeth with some natural products. These products are paraben and chemical-free. This is safe for children as well as for adults also. Here are some products:

Some Chinese Herbal Wisdom Products

Herbal Toothpaste

Bad Breath? Try These Natural Remedies
Bad Breath? Try These Natural Remedies

Fragrance is a herbal toothpaste which is invented by the Chinese doctors. It gives you relaxation while brushing your teeth. It also removes plagues and strengthens your gum. While jasmine flavour gives a relaxing feeling to your mind also and this flavour or smell reduces the bad breath and gives you a clear smile.

There are some other herbal toothpastes like Twin Lotus Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste, Aimthai Toothpaste.

Copper Tongue Cleaner: Treat Bad Breath

Tongue is also important to clean it has some microparticles which can stick the food particles. Copper tongue cleaner is used for cleaning your tongue effectively to remove those particles and reduce the bad breath and gives you the confidence you deserve.


There are many types of mouthwashes out in the market. But the herbal ones are difficult to find. Orawellness mouth wash is a herbal mouthwash which helps you improve your overall mouth condition as well as it magically removes the bad breath.

Home Remedies To Reduce Bad Breath

There are some popular home remedies to reduce bad breath.

Parsley: Treat Bad Breath

Parsley is a popular home remedy for treating bad smell. It has chlorophyll which has deodorizing effect. Chew some parsley leaves after every meal and you are good to go.

Pineapple Juice

Bad Breath? Try These Natural Remedies
Bad Breath? Try These Natural Remedies

Many people believe that pineapple juice can treat your bad smell. Just chew some raw pineapple or drink a glass of pineapple juice after taken heavy meals. It will reduce the food smell and enhance fresh smell.


Research says that after taking yoghurt for one week 80% people fight against bad smell. Yoghurt has good bacteria like lactobacillus which helps to kill bad bacteria in your various part of the body. Take at least one serve nonfat and plain white yoghurt per day to reduce bad smell.


Oranges are not only used for delicious dessert but also it enhances dental condition. Research says that due to lack of production of saliva many people have bad breath. Vitamin C promotes producing saliva which helps to wash of foul smell. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C.


Mint is a well-known herb which has deodorizing property. Chew some raw mint leaves after meal and bad breath will go within a second. You take make mint tea to treat your bad breath.

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