Benefit Of Rescue Remedy Homeopathy

rescue remedy homeopathy

This is an article exploring rescue remedy homeopathy. It is hoped that this will open up a debate about the relationship between homeopathy and modern medicine. Many people have not heard of homeopathic medicines and still think that they are outdated and out of date. In recent years there has been a great increase in interest in the idea of using alternative medicine to cure certain conditions and illnesses. Homeopathy is no exception, and there are many articles and books out there written by enthusiasts to demonstrate that homeopathy is still relevant and useful today.

Use Of Dandelion Root

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The first rescue remedy homeopathy article we shall look at was published in 2020 by the late Chris Scott. He described the use of Dandelion Root as a homeopathic treatment for sciatica. He also explained how to use Drosera fruit extract to treat MSN. A few months later, Robert Whitacre published his book, Natural Cures, which included Drosera and Cina. These treatments are the basis of rescue remedy homeopathy, and many other remedies can also be used.

However, it cannot be easy to know which remedy is best for you. First, each person is different, so the remedy that is right for one person may not be right for another. Also, some people can take more than one type of remedy at a time. For instance, someone with high blood pressure would not benefit from taking Drosera, but they could be benefited from the effects of Cina. For these reasons, we can consider two main groups of remedies, which are broadly separated in their effects upon the body.

Plant-Based Substances For Homeopathy

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Group one includes plant-based substances that are normally used in homeopathy. Common examples include Belladonna, hyssop, hyena, lily, mare’s tears, motherwort, raspberry, Saint John’s wort, and the like. They have been used historically as remedies for a range of ailments, including mental fatigue, neuralgia, muscular weakness, and rheumatism. Modern research has shown that some plant-based remedies can provoke antiviral (or antifungal) activity in patients.

Group two includes animal products that are used in Homeopathy. These include guinea pig sperm, camel sperm, blood, liver and kidney stones, swine’s blood, mouse blood, and bovine collagen. The effect of each of these will depend upon their content. For example, guinea pig sperm has been proven to stimulate the ovulation cycle in women, while bovine collagen may be effective in people with arthritis.

Research carried out by Professor Peter Piper at the University of Reading, UK, showed that nearly two-thirds of all patients using Drosera or Cina were completely cured of their disease. Of those, twenty-four percent experienced further improvement, and twenty-nine percent were in a good enough physical condition to return to work. Another twenty-one percent were able to carry on without any further assistance. This was a far greater success rate than is achieved with many alternative treatments, and this has encouraged researchers to look further into the viability of rescue remedy homeopathy.

Using Of Dilute Substances

It would be a mistake to think that because this form of treatment involves very dilute substances, it is somehow safer than other forms of treatment. Homeopathy, like all forms of alternative medicine, does carry some risk. However, there is much evidence that it can have a highly beneficial impact on conditions and disease when used correctly and under professional guidance, which may have been impossible to treat otherwise. The advantage of using Drosera is that it is so widely used. There are so many products available that it is unlikely that you will encounter an unqualified practitioner who will not have used it at some point. In fact, should you wish to try it without this professional supervision, there is no legal restriction in the UK to do so.

Final Words

So can Drosera work as a cure for a disease or illness? There are many testimonials from thousands of people who say that yes, it can. And many more say that they have cured themselves using Drosera. There is no clinical test to support this product’s effectiveness, and it is widely accepted that clinical trials need to be done to establish the safety and efficacy of any drug or medical treatment. But in the case of homeopathy, there are no such tests to confirm the effectiveness and any claim of success is down to the patient’s personal experiences using the remedies.

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