Benefits And Side Effects Of Rescue Remedy Homeopathy

rescue remedy homeopathy

There are different types of medications available for various health-related problems. However, choosing a natural alternative is always more preferable. Rescue remedy homeopathy is probably one of them. It’s a type of Bach flower remedy that was developed in the 1920s and 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach using various flower essences. The idea was brought up on the basis of the fact that flower essences can be effective in alleviating illness that may have caused due to stress, depression, and negative emotions. Flower essences are actually herbal infusions that heal through the vibrational energy of the flowers and their healing power.

The Secret Of Rescue Remedy Homeopathy

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Mostly flower essences are made using a single type of flower. However, rescue remedy homeopathy is a magical blend of five different wildflowers. These include:



Cherry plum



The flowers are placed in water to create an infusion when the mixture is exposed to sunlight or any other source of heat. Later, the flowers are removed, and the liquid is preserved using alcohol, diluted, and stored appropriately.

Health Benefits Of Rescue Remedy Homeopathy

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According to industry speakers and researchers, the one using flower essences is a homeopathic treatment that proves to be effective against stress. Stress can be harmful to the human brain and body by creating a negative impact, leading to obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases and weakening the immune system. Using flower essences can help in:

Reducing anxiety

Getting a healthy and sound sleep

Ease pain

Conclusions From Research

Although there are claims that rescue remedy is highly effective against stress, studies have brought up some mixed results. According to research work and studies, rescue remedy is nothing more than a placebo when it comes to stress relief. In several clinical trials, it was observed that there was no difference in anxiety and stress among people who took rescue remedy and the ones who took placebo. Because of such results, it was difficult to come to a conclusion regarding rescue remedy’s ability to heal.

Side Effects Of Rescue Remedy Homeopathy

Generally, rescue remedy is considered safe even for those on a gluten-free diet. However, people who may already be taking several medications or antibiotics like metronidazole or disorder drugs like Antabuse are likely to experience vomiting and nausea due to alcohol based form of the flower essence. You should be aware of the alcohol content of the flower essence if it’s a concern for you. Rescue remedy is also available in different versions that use vegetable glycerin instead of alcohol for preservation. It is perfect for pregnant or nursing women and children.

Final Words

Rescue remedy is easily available in stores near you in various forms like cream, gel, liquid, and balm. Make sure you move along the advised dose and not excess. Read labels before consuming the products so that you don’t invite any trouble for yourself. Before you start delving into rescue remedy homeopathy, make sure you consult experts and doctors. Since its results are not evident in research, you may need supportive medications along with it.

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