Body Is 75% Water. Stay Hydrated When Exercising Outdoors Using This!

Feeling thirsty while working out and running outside? People who work out regularly must keep themselves hydrated especially when they are out of their houses. It is a well-known fact that our body is 75% water; when we work out or exercise, our body releases sweat, therefore we lack hydration and feel thirsty, consuming fluids is very important in those situations, and to balance the hydration in your body.

Buying plastic packaged drinking water is obviously easy, however, they don’t always come from a good water source, as well as you need to spend bucks every day for each bottle.

One of the best ways to be hydrated throughout the exercise period is to bring your own drinking water bottle because you can trust where you get the water from. In addition to this, you are saving the environment by not wasting a plastic bottle every day, and having your personal bottle that you can fill anytime you want. 

This amazing 1000 ml Sports Water Bottle cum Protein Shaker will fulfill all your needs; it is eco friendly and reusable, moreover, you can use this bottle for various purposes such as keeping protein shakes, fruit juices, tea/coffee, and also use it for various occasions such as hill-climbing, running, cycling, camping, yoga, office, traveling, etc.


Why should you buy this Sports Water Bottle 1000ML Protein Shaker?

  • The 1000 ml Sports Water Bottle cum Protein Shaker is portable, lightweight, and leakproof.
  • Made from zero toxic Tritan Copolyester material, 100% BPA free, contains zero harmful chemicals, no plastic taste, and no weird smell.
  • One-click push button to open and close, wide mouth for speed water flow and more water intake, spill-proof bottle with a strap to hold that makes it travel friendly.
  • Durable and shatterproof design.
  • Perfect for protein shakes, fruit juices, cold drinks, and water.
  • Available in 1000ML, 800ML, 650ML 500ML, and 350ML capacity.
  • Trendy and attractive colors to choose from (Black, Blue, Deep blue, Deep red, Green, Grey, Jade green, and Pink)
  • The Sports Water Bottle cum Protein Shaker is also a great option for gifting.
A person holding a bottle

What are the minus points of this Sports Water Bottle?

  • The click sound of closing the lid is a bit loud, but still not a serious issue.
  • Some people can find it pricey and therefore not affordable for everyone.
  • Necessary to clean often. The texture can be slippery when wet.

Wrapping up

So here was a quick review for the 1000 ml Sports Water Bottle cum Protein Shaker to provide more information about the product and make it easier for you to choose wisely. Check the purchase box on the right side to choose the bottles in different capacities, and colors before buying. The less serious cons of this product make it a good purchase item, moreover, it is multipurpose, and great for gifting your family, friends, partner, colleagues, etc.

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