Homeopathy Help With Asthma

Can Homeopathy Help With Asthma

Asthma is a continual condition that leads to narrowing and inflaming of the air passage in the lungs. It comes with the symptoms of coughing, short breath, as well as wheezing. If you have tried many medications and all are in vain, then you can opt for homoeopathy.

But is homoeopathy helpful in asthma? A lot of practitioners say that it does. But is it safe? How much help can you get from homoeopathy? To get all the answers, have a look at the article.

Can Homeopathy Help With Asthma
Can Homeopathy Help With Asthma

How Does Asthma Occur?

Many factors work behind triggering respiratory problems in people. For example, different allergens like dust, moulds, pollens, and mites, as well as animal dander, can trigger the problem. If you involve in a strenuous workout or go out in very cold weather, you can have the asthmatic attacks. Besides, smokes, different fragrances, various chemicals, and also perfumes can trigger the problem. If you have a cold and cough or sinus infection or you worry a lot, you can face the problem of asthma.

Asthma And Homeopathy

As per the American lung association, about 27 million populace of the USA has this trouble, out of which 6 million are kids. No study has found any permanent cure for this problem. However, using traditional medications and ways can help you stay from the asthma attack.

Homoeopathic medicines are made of all the natural substances like herbs, minerals as well as flowers. They have very few active compounds. Researchers carried out many studies on the effectiveness of homoeopathic medications on asthma. They have got a mixed result. One hundred forty adults took part in a double-blind study in 2018. Besides the usual treatment, they took homoeopathic medications. The result clearly showed that they got a better effect than those who did not take homoeopathic medicines.

As per the researchers, various homoeopathic remedies can prove to be helpful in your asthmatic problem. For example, you can take nux vomica, sulfur, tuberculum, lycopodium, and Arsenicum album as well as kali carbonicum.

What Other Research Says

In 2019, another study was carried out by a group of researchers on the use of homoeopathic medicines for asthma. But they could not give any conclusive report.

In 2015, the study said that homoeopathic medications helped in reducing the intensity as well as the frequency of the attacks. However, he did not give any proof of the report.

However, about 2.5% of the populace of the USA use homoeopathy to get relief from their asthmatic problems.

Can Homeopathy Help With Asthma
Can Homeopathy Help With Asthma

Are There Any Risks?

As per the FDA, you should not buy any homoeopathic medications for an asthmatic issue, which are available as the over the counter drugs. This is because the security, as well as the effectiveness of them, is not clear.

Many homoeopathic products have very diluted nature, while others can have a high amount of active elements. Thus, you can have different side-effects if you consume them without knowing them properly. So, it is always better to consult your doctor before taking homoeopathic drugs for respiratory trouble.

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