COPD Herbal Treatment – Is it Effective

herbal treatment for copd

A herbal treatment for COPD, otherwise known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, has become quite popular in recent years. A major concern in COPD is shortness of breath. Shortness of breath occurs due to many reasons and in most cases can be eliminated by improving the overall health of the patient. However, shortness of breath can also be caused by serious complications that require medical attention.

An Overview

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It is very important for patients to realize that even minor improvements in their condition can be affected by COPD. The effects of COPD on the heart are particularly profound. Many patients have suffered irreversible damage to the heart muscle, and without treatment the heart will not function properly. The consequences of COPD include early death, a poor quality of life, and extreme fatigue. To prevent these problems from occurring, a patient should undergo routine blood tests, perform spirometry testing, and take an herbal treatment for COPD.

Spirometry testing is the process of measuring the height of the lungs while a patient is breathing. This is very useful in determining the progress of the patient’s breathing. If the spirometry results show evidence of shortness of breath, or if the patient is unable to breathe at all, then treatment should be considered. Individual results may vary slightly between different centers, so the exact treatment regime recommended by a doctor should be sought after.

Top Formula

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Lung yin formula is another herbal remedy that helps improve the condition of COPD patients. In previous years this remedy was known simply as yang, or the energy flowing from the sun. This herbal formula contains a special formulation of medicinal herbs that helps improve the production of body fluids, such as air, during times of rest. When the body’s ability to produce these fluids is diminished, it causes COPD and other illnesses. Lung yin formula is usually found in various sleep apnea formulas available over the counter today.

The last herbal treatment for COPD is a liver cleansing formula. This formula is usually found in a variety of different herbal products that are designed to improve the overall functioning of the liver in the patient. When the liver is weakened, it cannot work properly, which prevents the patient from feeling well on a day-to-day basis. COPD can weaken the liver to the point where patients cannot hold their heads up in the morning without feeling sick.

Great Benefits

A COPD herbal treatment is usually found in either an inhaler, a shot, or a pill. If it is an inhaler, the most common formula recommended is lung heat clearing formula. This formula relieves the symptoms of COPD, and aids in bringing the respiratory system back to a normal state. When the COPD patient smokes cigarettes, inhaling any form of tobacco smoke is extremely dangerous, because it continues to irritate the body.

When looking for a COPD herbal treatment, a good way to decide what it will be is to look at how each one helps improve the overall health. The benefits of the COPD heat clearing formula will depend on the patient’s age, gender, general health condition, and the underlying cause of COPD. An example of a formula that many COPD patients take is the Chinese Medicines for All Conditions, which was created by Dr. Yang, a Chinese medicine expert. The Chinese Medicines For All Conditions is made up of more than 80 different herbal remedies, each aimed at treating different aspects of COPD.


In order to determine if a herbal remedy is good for you, a visit with your doctor is necessary. There are many formulas available, but not all are created equal. Some herbs can interact with other medicines, or with any other treatments you’re currently taking. When choosing a COPD herbal remedy, it is important to read the disclaimer carefully. Many of the products do not have clear disclaimers, which makes it hard to determine if they are right for you. The best way to find out is to test them for yourself, and see if they help improve your symptoms.

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