Coronavirus And What You Need To Know

Coronavirus And What You Need To Know

Coronavirus is a global pandemic that started in a market in China in a place called Wuhan. It is being said that it happened because China was troubled over its dead animals. It has spread all over the world, barring 55 countries. So to protect yourself, you should wash your hands, not touch your face and use a tissue for cleaning your nose and phlegm.

What Is A Novel Coronavirus? 

It is a mix of the common cold and respiratory syndrome. You can cough and sneeze your way through it. Do remember that it has its method of transmission and it has its incubation period.

Coronavirus And What You Need To Know
Coronavirus And What You Need To Know

Developing Story On Coronavirus

You must cancel gatherings above 50 people in every city and every colony. We strongly urge you to do that. These sweeping actions are important. You have to come on your heels for that. This is what you should do if you want to be safe. Find an opportunity to talk to your friends and family, especially kids, on how to be safe. Do not participate in rumors and be actively involved in banning false coronavirus news.

It may be a big hit to the economy, and be sure to have a job where you can work from home. Women and children should take more care as the coronavirus are gender-specific. The corona battlefront will keep actively changing. Also, do understand the economic and social repercussions of the whole deal.

News On Coronavirus! 

The effects of coronavirus are that you will experience mild to strong symptoms. Most of the time, the symptoms do not exist at all except for some fever and all. Try not to travel during the coronavirus as crowded places have more fear and chances of catching a disease. All travel is barred for 30 days. The virus is not forgiving for anyone and it does not see rich and poor. If you have this disease, then stay in quarantine for a few days. 

The government is doing its best to make sure that the people stay unaffected. They are taking samples from random people by doing their job in the best possible manner. The government is helping people with helpful tips to cure coronavirus disease and people should be stringent to follow those.

Coronavirus And What You Need To Know
Coronavirus And What You Need To Know

The government is making sure that it collects at least 200 samples every day so that the corona count does not rise as much as the government is thinking. The government also wants that the corona cases are treated well in the hospitals, and the hospitals are neat and clean.


The rehab centers for coronavirus are also created in a way that all precautionary measures are taken. There are no pet patients, and the government is saying that corona does not spread through animals. That is the only cause to cheer, or else the government could not have managed the hysteria.

The coronavirus scare is so much that even the stock market will show volatility. The dollar will become weak. Approximately 6 lakh people will lose their jobs. Corona is wreaking havoc but look for the light in dark! 

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