COVID-19 Statistics For World From The WHO Reports


COVID-19 or coronavirus is a serious matter for the whole world. According to the WHO, COVID-19 statistics show the effect rates graph. It shows that single people can infect the entire community. Hence, we should take the precaution that can save us from this virus. Though the symptoms are like cold and cough or fever, the matter is not ordinary. This disease can spread when any effected person gets in contact with the other people. However, this virus is the cause of pandemic infection.

Symptoms Of COVID-19

COVID-19 Statistics For World From The WHO Reports

The symptoms of this virus are like a normal virus infection. Fever, cold, cough, and asthma are the symptoms of this virus. Apart from that, in the first stage, it does not shows the symptoms. That is why most of the people could not know that they are suffering and they spread the virus in the community. According to the experts, old age, children, and the people who have an additional disease, they have to take extra precautions because it can spread easily on them.

Reports: COVID-19 Statistics

According to the world health organization, this virus can cover the whole world if the people will not take the precaution. However, most affected countries are the Us, Italy, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Iran, Brazil, China, Canada, India, etc. However, the death rate is high in the US, Italy, UK, Spain, and France. The report says, in the whole world, 3,584,174 people are affected by this virus. 2,51,580 death cases arise for this virus, and 1,167,99 people are cured of this virus. So, the cure rate is not as good as a normal disease. So, every people need to understand the danger.

Apart from that, according to the scientist, this virus is not a single virus. It is the group of viruses that affect the human lungs. In 2019, COVID-19 discovered from the Wuhan, China. After that, it spread in the world. The graph for this virus is increasing rapidly in some countries. Hence, the government of that country needs to take strict rules and regulations for the people.

Solution: COVID-19 Statistics

Though the medicine is not made for this virus, yes, we can take the precaution that can save us from this dangerous disease. First of all, the WHO declared that in the affected area, the government has to start lockdown. It can divide the green zone (not effected) from the red zone (involved). Apart from that, people have to avoid social gatherings, and they should maintain social distancing for their safety. As people cannot know that the person is affected or not with whom they are talking.

COVID-19 Statistics For World From The WHO Reports
COVID-19 Statistics For World From The WHO Reports

And last, people should wash their hands after some time after. They should use masks and sanitizers and do not touch the nose, eyes, or mouth. However, durable immune power can fight with this disease. So, we should eat things or do the exercise which can increase or immune strength. Thus, the world will be free from this dangerous virus.