Sibo Methane Herbal Treatment Methods

sibo methane herbal treatment

Do you have an acute problem of small intestine bacterial overgrowth? This is also known as SIBO in short and happens when there is an abnormal enhancement in the small intestine’s bacterial population. Our body has two different kinds of bacteria- good and evil, and the problem arises when many harmful bacteria are eating away at our small intestine. But did you know that numerous SIBO methane herbal treatment methods will give you the relief you have been looking for? Some non-digestive symptoms will make the diagnosis hard, but you should start implementing the tips once you know what it is. But before that, you have to understand the cause behind such a problem.

Cause Of SIBO-Sibo Methane Herbal Treatment

  • The first cause of such bacterial overgrowth can be a decrease in motility in the small intestine. It can happen due to numerous conditions like hypothyroidism, scleroderma as well as diabetes.
  • Hypochondria- this is a condition that arises when there is a low amount of stomach acid, and the bacteria starts growing. Also, if you use too many antacids, then this can cause a bacterial problem. 
  • Structural abnormalities of the small intestine can also lead to SIBO. 
  • There are some other possible tractors like immune system deficiency, antibiotics, and overuse of birth control pills. 

Symptoms To Notice-Sibo Methane Herbal Treatment

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Whenever you are suffering from such bacterial growth, you will find that there is an abnormal amount of bloating after every meal. You will be able to realize that there is a lot of gas formation in the body, and you can have constipation and pain. In case you have seen diarrhea as well as found smelling stool, you should check for small intestine infection at once. Also, you can also check out weight loss, abdominal pain as well as mucus in stool. 

Natural Remedies That You Can Follow

People have not done extensive research on this problem which is why the natural remedies are still confined. It is better not to self-treat yourself because it can cause an adverse impact on your health. Try to go for a low-carb diet, and some of the essential oils will help you eradicate the extra bacteria. Using some herbs like peppermint oil will help, and you can also take some probiotics so that you can help in breeding the good bacteria that is already present in the body. 

Herbal Supplement

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There are numerous herbal supplements that you can try, and they will help in removing the intestine bacterial overgrowth. You can take 1 or 2 capsules of peppermint oil every day, and you can also take grapefruit seed extract instead of the capsules. Apart from that, you can try oregano oil capsules as well as garlic. There are some other health supplements like olive leaf extract and Oregon grape, but it is better to find the common ones that you can easily get. 


To talk turkey, it is important to maintain a good diet along with proper treatment if you want to get rid of SIBO. Try to implement the SIBO methane herbal treatment methods, and you will be able to get proper healing. 

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