Dry Hair Treatment


Dry hair can be very frustrating. The frizziness in the hair makes it look dull and dirty. Well, there are a lot of reasons behind the hair getting dry. Some get their hair dry because of the usage of excess heat styling tools. Others may suffer dry hair due to a lack of miniaturization in the hair cuticles. In other words, hair needs proper hair care treatments from getting dried and also frizzy. Well, there are a lot of home remedies which come in handy for such a situation. Let’s have a look at the home remedies for a dry hair treatment once:

Dry Hair Treatment from Your Kitchen
Dry Hair Treatment from Your Kitchen

Hot Oil Treatment In Using Homemade Techniques:

A hair with any texture is it straight, or cul, oiling hair is a must. And one must always go hot oil treatment. It is an easy and straightforward technique to follow. Blending some good oil, namely almond, olive oil, jojoba oil along with coconut oil provides luster. This is very beneficial for hair quality and growth. After blending these three oils in a glass container, heat the container placing it over hot water. Once it is heated up, use the mixture on your scalp and roots. Use it twice a week. It will help tame down the dryness.

2. Egg Yolk Water In Dry Hair Treatment:

Egg yolk serves as a conditioner. So mix the yolk with cold water leaving out the white part of the egg. Always go for cold water; otherwise, it might turn the yolk hard, which you might find tasty. Back to the topic, mix well the concentration. After mixing it well apply gently all over your hair and also scalp. The smell might not be friendly, but you still need to keep the mixture for about two hours. After that wash it up with a gentle shampoo. Apply this method twice every two weeks.

Dry Hair Treatment from Your Kitchen
Dry Hair Treatment from Your Kitchen

3. Egg, Yogurt, And Honey Hair Mask In Dry Hair Treatment:

All these ingredients are famous for providing nourishment to hair. Take one tablespoon of honey along with two tablespoon of yogurt and two egg yolks. Mix the concentration very well. Leave the white part of the egg in this situation as well. Apply the mixture on hair and leave it for 2 hours. The smell of the egg can be very sensitive for many. After two hours, wash it up with a gentle shampoo. Apply this mix twice every two weeks. Not only the mixture will condition your hair but it will also bring luster to your dry hair.

4. Rice, Honey, And Milk Hair Pack:

Rice is an excellent item that helps in bringing luster. Moreover, it also prevents dandruff in hair scalps when applied as rice water. Milk is a superb ingredient for moisturizing hair lengths. And we all know the antibacterial effects honey posses. Therefore this three-ingredient is not only conditioning your hair but also helps your dry hair with dandruff. Moreover for scalp infection problems too. 2 tablespoons of milk along with a 1table spoon of honey mixed with three tablespoons of rice water. Mix the concentration very diligently. After this apply it in your roots to your length. Wash is appropriate with a gentle shampoo.