Finding the Right Herb Shop Near You

herb shop near me

As a medicinal herb grower who enjoys experimenting with various herbs, I have often thought about opening my very own herb shop near me. The benefits of owning your own herb garden are limitless. It is your personal indulgence as an herb grower. You can design it around any interest you may have and you have the luxury of deciding on what you want to include in your garden.

However, I never considered having an herb garden near my home. Living where I am, in an area prone to heat and dampness, I am not a huge fan of the idea. Besides, I dislike having to travel for hours to pick fresh herbs for my meals. With my garden right in my backyard, I get to enjoy fresh herbs whenever I want and they are right at my fingertips. What a relief!

Herb Shop Near Me


My neighbors and I share a love of growing herbs. We can harvest from the same or different garden as often as we want, and the herbs continue to grow at a high rate. Our herb garden provides us with fresh herbs for cooking, making a tea out of, and a nice aroma when we invite people over. We want people to think that we are cool and hip and having a garden in our yard makes us feel like that.

To be honest, I really do not know much about gardening. All I know is what I like. Growing herbs appeals to me because I know that I can grow them and serve my family and guests tasty, nutritious foods. I want my guests and family members to know how fresh and delicious my herbs are. Plus, I can grow a whole bunch of herbs at once if I really wanted to. I will never run out of options when I decide that I need a certain herb for cooking.

A Much Ado 


A trip to Mexico to visit my herb garden was not what I had in mind. I did not realize that Mexico has so many different types of herbs. They are grown in different climate zones. There is the salsa verde type of herb, the chorizo herb, and the cilantro herb. The salsa verde type of herb comes from clay pots, while chorizo and cilantro are grown in terracotta pots.

If I wanted to have my own herb garden near my home, I would have to learn a lot more about proper plant selection. I am constantly learning more about growing my own herbs. It has been difficult learning about proper soil, fertilizing, and monitoring my plants’ growth. I learned these things the hard way, so I try to avoid planting next to other plants that may compete for nutrients and water. I also do not want to have to move the plants far away to get the needed moisture.

My search for a great Mexican herb garden ended up with me finding an herb shop near Mexico that I can grow all of the herbs I need. I am able to grow mint, cilantro, salsa, garlic, jalapeno, oregano, cayenne pepper, basil, parsley, and thyme. I chose several herbs to start out with, then chose a few to keep. We chose the ones that our family enjoys the most. Now I just have to wait for the plants to do their thing and harvest them.

Final Words 

My experience with starting an herb garden near me has been an enjoyable one. I am able to grow my own herbs and use fresh herbs for cooking almost every day. I hope my story helps you decide if you are ready to grow your own herb garden. Good luck!

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