Foot Care Tips

Foot Care Tips Apart From Sunscreen

Your feet serve as the foundation for a fulfilling and active lifestyle. Regardless of whether you like walking around the amusement park or running a marathon, it is necessary for you to take good care of your feet. Even for individuals chasing their next corporate deal, their feet are always a part of their busy lives. Thus, they deserve proper care. Only using sunscreen for foot care might not be enough for reaping the right benefits. Try maintaining healthy and beautiful feet by going for the tips mentioned below and be ready for what the world has on offer for you.

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Foot Care Tips Apart From Sunscreen

Wash Them Thoroughly And Dry Well

Washing them thoroughly will keep them clean. Use soapy water for washing them regularly. Avoid soaking them in warm water for a very long time as this might destroy the natural oil balance of your skin. Also, do not leave them wet for an extended time. Dry them thoroughly after a good wash. Take special care of the areas between the toes. These are areas susceptible to fungal infections like athlete’s foot.

Smoothen Them

Get into the habit of using a foot file or pumice stone on calluses and damp heels. This helps in keeping the feet in good condition. It also looks beautiful when you wear open-back sandals and shoes. Experts recommend warm foot baths made using tannic acid or black tea. Tannic acid is an all-natural antibacterial proxy that helps in reducing the chances of fungal infections. In addition to this, moisturizing scrubs made using botanicals like sugar, chemical exfoliators, and crushed fruits can also help in removing dead skin. Once you are done with the scrubbing, do not forget to apply a good foot balm or cream containing cocoa butter or shea butter.

Always Wear Fitting Socks

Many might not be aware of this remedy, but it is one right way of keeping the feet in perfect condition. Giving proper attention to sock width for ankle and foot might be of good help. For individuals suffering from swollen feet, it would be perfect to go for socks specifically designed for accommodating the swelling. You can even find elastic-free socks to prevent them from cutting into the leg. People who suffer from neuropathy- a condition where you cannot feel your feet, should ensure opting for socks without knobby seams. These can rub against the skin and damage it. Always go for socks made using combined materials. These can retain shock absorption and wicking wetness away from the skin.

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Foot Care Tips Apart From Sunscreen

Take Care Of Toenails

Taking good care of toenails probably means cutting them accurately. Cut them straight while avoiding trimming very close to the skin. Avoid rounding the corners of the toenails, and this can be extremely painful. It can also result in ingrown toenails taking a toll on your feet health.

Proper moisturization and wearing sunscreen is essential for keeping your feet in perfect health. But the tips mentioned above should also be taken into account if you want to keep them pain-free and healthy.

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