Homeopathy: Facts

Homeopathy: An Open Mind Is Necessary Or Not

Earlier, the doctors had not much trust in the claims of alternative medicines. The picture has changed now spectacularly. People are experiencing the healing power of alternative medication, and also researches are going on to explore more helpful facts about these medicines. Among all the ignored treatment therapy, homeopathy was the worst example.

This faith-based medicine is now coming to the limelight. It also has become capable of gathering the trust and support of powerful and influential personalities.

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Homeopathy: An Open Mind Is Necessary Or Not

Homeopathy – Some Facts

It is based on the principle of ‘like cure like’ and ‘water has memory’. The like cure like principle is quite impressive. It states that if a substance causes a specific health symptom, then it constitutes the components for treating the conditions associated with that symptom. For instance, onion causes runny nose that means onion can cure a common cold.

Another exciting principle is that the dilution and vigorous shaking of a substance do not decrease, but makes it more powerful. It is called ‘potentiation.’ So, the most potent homeopathy medicine is so diluted that it does not even contain a single molecule of the original substance. This principle does not follow the traditional branches of science like physics or chemistry, instead goes in the opposite direction.

Having the open mind to accept homeopathy or other forms of alternative medicines like bach flower remedy, crystal therapy, or spiritual healing is no more an option. A mere belief in it will not make us open-minded. Better, we start with the mindset that homeopathy does not work until its efficacy is proved.

So far, homeopathy has failed to establish its efficacy in the randomized trials and also the systematic reviews of the well-designed tests and studies. The homeopathic physicians seem to hardly hold their credentials under the poorly designed studies claiming that the randomized controlled trials are not the right way to prove its efficacy. Moreover, these methods are inappropriate for evaluating their belief systems. Is there any evidence or methodology that will show the claims of the homeopathic physicians to be true?

Should We Keep Our Minds Open For Homeopathy?

Are our mind is open to accept astrology, alchemy, or perpetual motion. No, and likewise, our mind is now closed for homeopathy too?

There are specific reasons for it.

  • Homeopathy is based on an absurd principle that is completely reverse to science.
  • Homeopathy takes seven days to cure a common cold, which will otherwise be cured in a week.
  • Even the homeopaths do not trust it for treating life-threatening diseases like cancer.
  • There is no accurate report on the advancement of this alternative medicine.  
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Homeopathy: An Open Mind Is Necessary Or Not


It is not fair to open the doors for alternative evidence, fewer medications alongside conventional medication. In this way, we are harming the masses.

If we don’t take serious steps to stop it, they will go further to treat severe illnesses with this non-specific, self-limiting medicines. In the newsprint, we have already seen that they are in the advanced stage of research to come up with medication for malaria and also HIV.

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