Homeopathy Remedy For Cough A Self-Treatment Guide

Homepathy remedy for cough

Homeopathy uses the principle of “like treats like”. That is something that brings that causes specific symptoms in a person is used to treat an ailment that causes similar symptoms. It is also based on the belief that the body has innate healing powers. Homeopathy remedy for cough is used to treat normal coughs but the effectiveness of the remedies is debatable.

Little amounts of natural substances from plants and minerals, that are believed to be medicinal are used to make homeopathic remedies. They are usually diluted with water or alcohol to reduce any harmful effects that they might have.

Phosphorous Homeopathy Remedy For Cough

This natural remedy is for people with a dry and hoarse cough. The cough comes with a persistent ticklish feeling in the chest. The cough can be aggravated by sudden temperature changes, laughing, and strong odor. The person may also have a painful tightness in the chest and nasal discharge streaked with blood. They might be tired and crave cold drinks.


Homeopathy Remedy For Cough
Homeopathy Remedy For Cough

This remedy is great for irritating and hoarse cough especially if cold air makes it worse. The cough is usually accompanied by inflammation and dryness in the larynx. Inflammation in the larynx causes difficulty in breathing especially during sleep. This can be treated by the remedy.

A person with this kind of cough should also avoid cold food and drinks, strong smells, and dust. The remedy can also be used to treat common coughs that have lasted for more than a week.


It is used to treat coughs that are a result of the common cold. The cough is usually painful at it makes breathing equally painful. The throat also becomes dry and often ticklish. This causes the feeling to cough. Limiting motion and applying pressure to the chest lessens the severity of the symptoms too.

The coughs may be accompanied by headaches due to persistent coughing. People with such symptoms should be given this homeopathy remedy for cough and avoid draft too.


Pulsatilla relieves a wet cough that comes out with thick and yellowish sputum. The wet cough comes at night and upon waking up. When one is active the cough becomes dry and a little bit painful. Other symptoms may include difficulty in breathing and a rattling sound in the chest when breathing due to the mucous.

Homeopathy Remedy For Cough
Homeopathy Remedy For Cough

Rumex Crispux

This homeopathy remedy for cough relieves a kind of cough with a specific characteristic. The cough is very sensitive to cold air and is usually dry. The cough also comes with a ticklish feeling just above the throat and a hoarse, dry and irritating larynx. During sleep, people with this cough must cover themselves properly since warmth makes them feel better.

Antimonium Tart

This remedy is for a dry persistent cough that yields no expectoration. The cough is characterized by mucous deep in the chest that produces a rattling sound when breathing. It also makes the throat hoarse and comes in prolonged bouts.


The homeopathy remedies do not have any medical evidence and are mostly used for domestic purposes. You should also know which kind of cough you have so that you get the right homeopathy remedy for the cough.

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