Homeopathy Remedy For Diabetes Patients For Better Results

Diabetes Homeopathy Remedy

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that can cause high blood sugar, which happens when a part of the body, known as the pancreas, cannot produce a hormone called insulin or is not able to use it efficiently. For diabetes, one of the best solutions is a homeopathy remedy. Homeopathy remedy is generally used because it has no or minimum side effects as it is believed that homeopathy remedy stimulates the body’s natural defenses to make a person healthy.

Diabetes-Related Symptoms

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To control blood sugar, generally, home remedies are suggested, but some symptoms become difficult to control when even they do not work. These symptoms may include the following:

Tiredness or burnout

Increased hunger and/or thirst

Dry mouth


Clouded vision, etc.

Homeopathy remedy is used according to the symptoms as and when required.

Homeopathy Remedy For Diabetes-Related Symptoms

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Common homeopathy remedy for these symptoms include the following –

Gymnema is used to lower sugar levels in the blood and urine of patients.

Conium or Hemlock is used to reduce numbness feet and hands and nerve damage.

Plumbum or Lead is also used to lessen the numbness in feet and hands and tinnitus.

S. cumin or Black Plum is used to treat persistent hunger and thirst, weakness, and urination.

Infected ulcers can be treated through Calendula or Marigold.

Candida or Yeast helps with yeast infections.

Uranium Nitricum helps treat urination and swelling related problems.

Specific Homeopathic Remedies

Here is a list of specific homeopathic remedies that work well only when the complete history is known. The following are the homeopathic remedies.

Helonias – This is prescribed for the patients who are suffering from frequent urination problems. This kind of patient generally feels depressed and is advised to be busy so that their mind is diverted from the illness.

Iodium – In the case of diabetes, one of the symptoms is extreme hunger and thirst. This sometimes also leads to fatigue and exhaustion. To treat these symptoms, Iodium is prescribed.

Syzygium Jambolanum Mother Tincture – This helps with high blood sugar levels and shows an instant effect. It is most commonly suggested in case of high blood sugar levels.

Cephalandra Indica – This is very effective for lowering the blood sugar level. It helps in maintaining sugar levels and healing diabetes-related complications. It is also helpful for patients who are suffering from excessive urination and burns and pain during urination. Cephalandra Indica has many other benefits as it helps in.

Reducing the allergy problems related to diabetes

Helps in controlling hunger and thirst

Soothes burning in limbs, etc.

Uranium Nitricum – When a patient has diabetes and gastric problems, then the doctor would advise the dosage of Uranium Nitricum.


Homeopathy sometimes takes a longer period to cure the disease, in this case – diabetes. It is generally suggested that patients not stop their conventional medicines: the allopathy tablets and insulin while going for their homeopathic dosage. Though homeopathy can be useful for treating diabetes, physicians or doctors’ consultation must be taken before starting or stopping any doses of medicine.

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