Homeopathy Remedy Research For Cold And Cough During The Changing Season

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Homeopathy Remedy Research For Cold And Cough During The Changing Season

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Runny nose, sore throat, and headaches are some of the common symptoms of cough and cold. This nasty cold and cough can knock anyone off of their feet for several days and trust us, nobody likes it. While there are several alternatives available to treat this condition, homeopathy is also believed to be quite effective. Homeopathy medicines are made from natural substances and have almost no side effects.

Homeopathy Remedy Research Leads To Some Promising Solutions

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Here are some of the common medicines used in treating common cold in cough:

This medicine is prescribed in the early stages of cold and cough after exposure to cold or dry weather. It is usually given in the first 24 hours of high fever and restlessness.

Allium cepa is for treating streaming cold accompanied by sneezing and watery eyes. This medicine is effective in treating cold when the person’s eyes are not burning, but the discharge from the nose is.

If you are frequently sneezing, your nose is irritating and tickling, then the homeopath may prescribe you Arsenicum Album. This medicine is also effective in treating throbbing frontal headache, burning chest pain, restless, and fearful.

Euphrasia is prescribed for treating burning discharge from eyes. This can help to cure swollen eyelids and cough that intensifies during day time.

This homeopathy medicine is effective in treating the beginning stages of all inflammatory problems, red burning eyes, restless sleep, weakness, and excessive thirst.

Gelsemium is prescribed for a cold with flu-like symptoms e.g. body ache, heaviness throughout the body, fatigue, restlessness, and chills.

This medicine is used during later stages of cold and nasal discharge. It is also effective on other symptoms of cold and cough like stubborn congestion, swollen eyelids or sticky discharge from the nose.

Mercurius Solubilis is excellent for treating creeping chilliness, frequent sneezing, sore throat, heavy salivation, bad mouth odour, and ear pain.

This homeopathy medicine is provided to people suffering from dry cough, which increases in the morning or evening or when talking, eating, laughing, or breathing cold air.

Your homeopath will prescribe you dosage based on the severity of your condition. If you do not notice any improvement after 3-4 doses, meet your homeopath.

What Should You Remember While Homeopathy Remedy Research

One of the arguments against homeopathy is that it’s all placebo effect. You will probably come across this argument time and again while performing research on homeopathy medicines. While there is indeed no strong evidence supporting homeopathy, there isn’t any that goes against it either. This is one of the primary things to remember. Indeed our mind is quite powerful and time and again people have shown exceptional recovery through sheer will-power. But, that can’t be true in every case. However, homeopathy indeed takes some time to act. There is almost no medicine in this field that will give instant relief. So, if you decide to adopt homeopathy, do so keeping in mind that this is no miracle drug. Also, you will not have any side-effect from the drug whatsoever.

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