How Many Deaths With The Coronavirus?

How Many Deaths With The Coronavirus?

According to WHO (World Health Organization), up until July 2020, there are almost 650,000 coronavirus deaths all over the world. So, it will still be here for a few more months, until we get a vaccine. Also, this virus is going to be here with us, living with us, breeding in us, and surviving and thriving with all its might and courage. 

So far, if we talk about coronavirus deaths by age groups, we can conclude it has affected 49% of the people in the age of 75 and above, 25% of 65 to 74 of age, 23% of 45 to 64, 4% of 18 to 44, and 0.06% of persons in the age group of 0 to 17. 

Now, if we talk about coronavirus affecting the sex ratio, it has caused death to 64% of men and 38% of women all over the world. 

How Many Deaths With The Coronavirus?
How Many Deaths With The Coronavirus?

When it comes to co-morbidities, which is an additional and underlying disease present in an individual, then have a look at these percentages against the co-morbidity. You have 13% of cases of cardiovascular disease, in the form of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, or myocardial infarction. 9% in the case of diabetes, type 1, and type 2. 8% regarding chronic respiratory disease.  And, if you just look at a particular heart condition like hypertension, which is so rampant worldwide, then it is 8%. 

The entire world at this moment is aiming for all the cases of coronavirus to reach zero. Some countries like South Korea and Norway could reduce the number of coronavirus deaths. 

How Many Deaths With The Coronavirus?
How Many Deaths With The Coronavirus?

What More To Learn About Coronavirus?

Some countries like Italy, Germany, and many other European countries had blockbuster outbreaks but could reduce the number of coronavirus deaths with time. However, some countries have miserably failed to contain the coronavirus, and the death toll there continues to rise week after week. 

The United States of America alone accounts for 5,600,000 million of corona confirmed cases. The death toll comes to almost 173,530. Brazil, the United Kingdome, Italy, and France follow it. Furthermore, coronavirus deaths within a span of 15 days, surpassed to 100,000 more between May end and June start. 

Nowadays, when we talk about the top three leading countries that have the maximum numbers of coronavirus cases, here they are:

1. The United States of America: 5,600,000 confirmed cases, 173,530 deaths.

2. Brazil: 3,370,300 confirmed cases, 108,900 deaths.

3. India: 2,703,000 confirmed cases, 51,800 deaths.

The rest in line are:

4. Russian Federation: 932,500 confirmed cases, 15,900 deaths.

5. Peru: 541, 500 confirmed cases, 26,500 deaths.

6. South Africa: 590,000 confirmed cases, 12,000 deaths.

7. Mexico: 526,000 confirmed cases, 57,000 deaths.

8. Colombia: 476,660 confirmed cases, 15,370 deaths.

9. Chile: 390,000 confirmed cases, 10,500 deaths.

10. The United Kingdom: 320,300 confirmed cases, 41,400 deaths.

11. Iran: 348,000 confirmed cases, 20,000 deaths.

12. Pakistan: 290,000 confirmed cases, 6,200 deaths.

13. Spain: 364,200 confirmed cases, 28,670 deaths.

14. Italy: 254,640 confirmed cases, 35,400 deaths.

15. France: 221,300 confirmed cases, 30,430 deaths.

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