How To Cure Coronavirus Disease

How To Cure Coronavirus Disease

The recent attack of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic has left the world to stumble into a seizure and up within their homes. It is mainly because the scientists are yet to discover the vaccination and medication for the COVID-19 virus. All over the world, millions of people are already under effect by this virus, and many have lost their lives. We will today be discussing how we can cure coronavirus disease.

The Start Of The Pandemic

Having its origin from Wuhan, China, the COVID-19 outbreak at the end of 2019 and spread worldwide by mid of February 2020 and burst out into uncontrollable outbreak globally. Most countries imposed national level lockdowns, and strict restrictions in public areas to control the virus as the main mode of infection are social gatherings and crowded places.

How To Cure Coronavirus Disease
How To Cure Coronavirus Disease

Prevention Of The COVID-19 Viral Infection

As of now, it is a known fact that there is no medicine for the virus. Scientists and doctors are working day and night to find a cure and to prevent the spread. So, the man question that is now in front of us: how can we protect ourselves from this disease? It is simple. We can only prevent the infection from happening with necessary precautionary steps.

  • Wear a face mask (surgical or N95 types) and gloves whenever stepping outside of your house.
  • It is best a piece of advice to avoid touching face and nasal areas without sanitization.
  • Following a healthy diet with loads of hot water is recommendable.
  • Store-bought items need proper sanitation.
  • It is advisable not to step out of the home unnecessarily.

Available Medications

Although only self-precautionary measures are the only ways to save ourselves from COVID-19, some drugs and antibiotics that are available to treat other viral infections and diseases are given in combinations to cure coronavirus disease called COVID-19. Once infected, doctors advise some of the below medications for intake. 

How To Cure Coronavirus Disease
How To Cure Coronavirus Disease
  • Some painkiller medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen and paracetamol are useful medications to reduce fever.
  • Artificial ventilators are useful for people with severe respiratory infections due to coronavirus. It is more likely for a person with respiratory problems to have an infection with COVID-19 than a person with no respiratory problems.
  • However, drugs like hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir/ritonavir were also the best options for treating COVID-19 patients. The World Health Organization (WHO) discontinued its usage of COVID-19 patients during the 1st and 2nd July Summit organized by WHO for COVID-19 research and innovation.
  • Lots and lots of fluid intake are recommended by the doctors to keep the virus in check. Hydrate your body well and good to get cured faster.
  • Remdesivir is another drug possible in the treatment of the COVID-19 virus. However, the drug is only useful with constraints and restrictions as it is available only in emergencies. 


We don’t have the actual antidote of coronavirus, that’s why we can only use social distancing as a shield to prevent the spreading. Maintain 6 feet distance from other people in public and avoid touching any metallic surfaces, such as handrails in public. If you feel sick or even show the slightest of the symptoms, consult a doctor immediately to make sure others don’t get affected. It is the responsibility of every one of us to control the spread make the world corona-free once again.

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