How To Cure COVID-19

How To Cure COVID-19

In this pandemic situation that we are going through, needless to say, that our time to stay protected in our home is more important than going out. Yes! Today, we shall be discussing a very serious problem which has changed the definition of modern living which we call coronavirus. Also popular by the name of COVID-19, this coronavirus disease targets respiratory organ and then slowly take a life if not treated on time.

Outbreak Of COVID-19

The new coronavirus disease came into discovery after it spread in Wuhan to a major extent in china in the year 2019. Post its outbreak, and the SARS-CoV-2 spread to many other countries all across the world. It is also responsible for many of the infections at the global level. There are hundreds of deaths happening every day. As per the estimation, the United States of America is the most affected country to date following India and the UK.

Self-Care For COVID-19

Now that you have come to this page probably, you searched for how to cure COVID-19 that are available for treating this virus. But the fact remains the same. There is no treatment yet, but yes, if you feel sick, take rest, drink lots of water and eat only healthy food. You must stay in a separate room so that your family members don’t get in contact with you. You need to clean and disinfect often the surfaces that you touch.

How To Cure COVID-19
How To Cure COVID-19

Alternative Treatment Options 

As said, there is no medication as of now but self-care is what matters the most. Though antibiotics are not effective against any kind of viral infection few researchers are testing how to cure COVID-19. As per the CDC, people need to wear a face mask in public areas to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from one another. Surgical masks and N95 respirators are obligatory for healthcare workers.

Even though the exact treatment option is not available, but there are some lists that are under investigation.

Lopinavir And Ritonavir

These medicines you can commonly find in the store under the name of Kaeltra which helps in treating HIV. In South Korea, there is a woman of 54 years age who was given two drugs blend and showed a great reduction in the symptoms of coronavirus disease.

Chloroquine For COVID-19

This is another effective drug that usually is used for fighting auto-immune diseases and malaria too. It is quite a use for more than 70 years and is said to be safe. As per the research, the tests that occur in test tubes for how to cure COVID-19, this drug showed some positive effects.


How To Cure COVID-19
How To Cure COVID-19

This is an experimental broad-spectrum antiviral drug that is designed to target the virus called Ebola. Researchers claim that this medicine can be quite an effective one to fight against the novel coronavirus disease which is currently in an isolated cell.

As per the U.S. National Institutes of Health, corticosteroid Dexamethasone is effective for patients who need supplemental oxygen.


Unfortunately, there is no vaccine against coronavirus disease yet. But as per the research, it is quite clear that people are struggling hard to stay quarantine till the vaccine for such virus comes out. The potential treatments for COVID-19 are to be out soon maybe by the end of this year if everything goes well.

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