The Right First Aid To Give During The Coronavirus Disease

How To Give First Aid During The Coronavirus Disease

COVID-19 is affecting the entire world, with many deaths and infections. People still fear going out. The worse part is it is difficult to know whether a person is affected or not. Incidentally, the symptoms are also less and not so prominent. With this pandemic affecting many parts of the world, people must cooperate to reduce the infection rate. It is also good to know how to give first aid during the coronavirus disease to anyone because awareness is the key factor now. 

Symptoms Of COVID-19

It must be understood that COVID-19 affects many people and also in different ways. It is humane to offer first aid during the coronavirus disease, but it is imminent for you to know the symptoms first. 

Before offering COVID-19 first aid, check if the person has:

  1. Tiredness
  2. Fever
  3. Dry Cough
How To Give First Aid During The Coronavirus Disease
How To Give First Aid During The Coronavirus Disease

These are very common symptoms for many other sicknesses too. Let us get into some clinical symptoms which may help you offer COVID-19 first aid.

  1. Conjunctivitis
  2. Loss of taste or smell
  3. Sore throat
  4. Headache
  5. Bodyache
  6. Severe fever

First Aid During The Coronavirus Disease

Once you confirm certain things are the symptom, it might be 90% clear that the person is infected. Still, it cannot be attributed to 100%. But now, let us see what you can do to give COVID-19 first aid.

Step 1

Call the emergency hospital services: The person may be suffering from any other sickness. So inform the person who is handling the call about COVID-19 symptoms. Let us understand. You cannot support the person completely. It needs expert intervention.

Step 2

Check for a defibrillator. This is an essential step for COVID-19 first aid. Check if there is any nearby. It shall save you a lot of time before even the expert help comes.

Step 3

As a part of COVID-19 first aid, you will give the patient CPR. Of course, you will not offer breath rescue. But you will press the chest to make the person breathe. But before that, please cover the patient’s mouth and nose with a towel. It avoids transmission.

Step 4

Check for safety gadgets. Check if there are disposable gloves, surgical masks, and eye protection. Protect yourself first before offering COVID-19 first aid.

Once the above steps are carried out, give them a CPR by pressing their chest. If you still find it is not helping wait for the help to arrive. Once the COVID-19 first aid is given, please dispose of all the safety gadgets safely from any transmission.

How To Give First Aid During The Coronavirus Disease
How To Give First Aid During The Coronavirus Disease

At the same time, if there is any other sickness or an accident during this period. You can still offer first aid. First aid during the coronavirus disease is considered risky, but following the safety precautions shall save you from infection. Always keep an emergency number handy. It would save a lot of time. 


As a company, you must always have the COVID-19 first aid kit in the form of safety gadgets. It is time you must protect yourself before helping others. Same way, have first-aid covers for the employees as there is much news that talks about the healthcare professionals are getting infected. It is better to be aware of preventive measures. The companies must have awareness sessions on COVID-19 first aid too. 

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