How To Remove COVID-19 Effectively From Any Country?


COVID-19 or coronavirus is a very serious matter for every country. This virus can spread very quickly. If an affected person gets in contact with any healthy person, then the healthy person gets the infection. After that, the whole community gets the infection from a single affected person. In Italy, it spread rapidly, and most of the country’s people are affected. According to the reports, 2,11,938 people are affected, and 29,079 people died for this dangerous virus. However, there is not any vaccine or medicine created for this virus. As it is the group of viruses and would not die with the regular cold and cough medicine. That is why this matter is so serious. The whole world is suffering a problem.

How To Remove COVID-19 Effectively From Any Country?
How To Remove COVID-19 Effectively From Any Country?

In Italy or any other country where this virus spread on a huge scale, the government of that state decides some rules and regulations for the people. As there is not any perfect medicine for the disease, all the people have to maintain the rules to recover the problem. However, there are some solutions that a country can do to fight against this problem.


The most effective way is lockdown. All the affected country governments start lockdown in every state or the location. They focus more on the affected area. In the first stage, people could not know that he or she is suffering from this problem. The person may have that virus and does not show the symptoms. Hence, the government divides the zone according to the affected person. However, the problem the armed force in that area so that no one can cross the barrier.

Social Distancing: For COVID-19

Social distancing is very much important for all people. As we never know who is affected. So, precaution is vital for everyone. The country where this virus is spreading, the people can avoid the social gather and keep a safe distance. A minimum distance can safe you if there is any affected person.

Use Precautions

Precaution is better than cure that we know. So, we all have to use the face mask and sanitize our hands. Every hour later, we have to wash our hands perfectly and do not touch our eyes, nose, and mouth. Because the virus can enter our body in these ways, so we have to take the precaution that can save us from this danger.

Bottom Line: COVID-19

How To Remove COVID-19 Effectively From Any Country?

Reports say that the person who has strong immunity power can cure this virus. The person who has additional disease, and old age, or children have to keep safe because they have more danger from this virus. So, people can do the exercise or eat things which can improve the immune power. Then, people will able to fight against this disease. At last, I want to say that if we all maintain the rules and follow each discipline regarding this virus, then we can able to make COVID-19 free world very soon!