How To Treat Allergic Reaction

How To Treat Allergic Reactions Of Food?

Many have an allergic reaction to food. There are different ways to treat allergic reactions caused by food. More than adults, children suffer much more from food allergies. In children, the ratio is one amongst 12-13 children who have food allergies. Every single year different food allergies are coming up. Many children are also allergic to nuts, many are allergic to milk products, and many are allergic to animal products.

How To Treat Allergic Reactions Of Food?

What Exactly Is A Food Allergic Reaction?

A food allergy is when the body has an immune response to the protein present in the food. It can even be life-threatening. Some people are born with food allergies. Some moreover, develop it with time. Hence, it is seen that food allergies are common in children than in adults. Testing for food allergies can be done either via skin testing or blood tests.

Symptoms Of Allergic Reactions

For different children and also adults, food allergies differ. Some are allergic to the smell of particular food. Some are allergic if they eat a typical type of food that is not taken by the body. This means it does not suit the body.

Itching nose or nasal congestion
Swelling in the mouth or the face
Breathing problems
Digestive issues
Food That Causes Of Allergies
Shrimp or crab

There Are 4 Types Of Allergic Reaction

For some, an allergic reaction is caused by smelling certain things. Many have allergies through injections. Some people and also children have skin allergies. This refers to if they come in contact with a particular food or also something they are allergic to it just as it comes in connection to their skin.

Inhalation Allergy
Skin Allergy
Injection allergy (even from a mosquito bite)
Contact Allergy

Types Of Tests For Allergies

When one has a food allergy, the immune system recognizes a specific food that is harmful to the body. Then the immune system reacts or responses in the form of allergy. It can happen due to one`s genes. Hence, people see that children are allergic to particular food just because either of the parents is also allergic to the same food.
Skin Test- through clinical testing, helps to know the level to which one is allergic to a particular food product.
Prick Test- in the skin, the doctor pick test to see the reaction of a particular product. It is also a part of the skin test.
Intra Dermal Test- through injections, this test becomes easy. The particular substance doctor injects inside the skin to see whether the skin reacts to specific content.
Patch Test- people add the allergen to the skin for 24 hours to see the reaction on the skin.
Use And Elimination Testing- doctors especially tell the patient to stop eating a particular food for some time. Many times people suggest to eat a specific type of food to see the allergic reaction.

How To Treat Allergic Reactions Of Food?


Different food also has different types of allergic reaction of people. One needs to go to the doctor for proper medication. To stay fit and healthy, think before you eat. Eat healthy to stay healthy.

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