How to Treat Halitosis And Bad Breath

How to Treat Halitosis And Bad Breath

Acne is a common problem and often it leaves behind bacteria that may cause bad breath. It is often very difficult to get rid of acne, but there are some home remedies that can help. Home remedies for acne may not be as effective as a physician prescribed treatment. Some people may experience less serious acne but still have a problem with halitosis after the acne is gone.

Diet is always the first thing you should do to improve your breathing problems. When you eat fatty foods and increase your consumption of processed foods, you will certainly produce more bacteria in your mouth. They are the food that the oral bacteria lives on. These bacteria can cause bad breath.

Unhealthy Immune System May Cause Bad Breath

People who have low blood sugar and who have an inactive or unhealthy immune system have a higher incidence of bad breath in their mouth. This is the result of the body’s immune system attacking the bacteria instead of fighting off the germs. It then multiplies because the body’s defences cannot keep up with the more germy environment. The resulting toxins make the person more likely to develop a more severe form of acne that can leave the person’s mouth coated with foul smelling bacteria.

How to Treat Halitosis And Bad Breath
How to Treat Halitosis And Bad Breath

Most people that experience a form of bad breath are suffering from an increased abundance of oral bacteria in their mouth. It is called “toxic shock” and can result from an active form of acne or from an oral infection. The bacteria, which usually causes a rotten odor to emanate from the mouth, multiply rapidly and produce an odor that not only leaves a bad taste in the mouth, but a foul smelling discharge as well. These conditions are the reason why you should pay close attention to your diet when you have a bad mouth smell.

Why Do You Suffer From Bad Breath

It is important to remember that the bacteria are not the root cause of bad breath. The reasons why you experience bad breath after your acne is gone are the same reasons why you suffer from bad breath. A good rule of thumb is to chew your food thoroughly and avoid eating small pieces of food. Also, drink lots of water and reduce your intake of fatty foods. You should also avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol, if you want to take care of the problem of halitosis.

The second reason why you might experience bad breath after your acne is gone is because your immune system is compromised. It has become weakened due to a build up of toxins in the body. By attacking the bad bacteria in the body is in fact putting up a fight against the germs, but not in a good way.

The final reason why you might have bad breath after your acne is gone is because of poor oral hygiene. It is good to brush your teeth twice a day, but many people neglect this important step.

How to Treat Halitosis And Bad Breath
How to Treat Halitosis And Bad Breath

Ways To Prevent Foul Breath

Those of us who suffer from bad breath have probably tried everything. And, unfortunately, the problem still persists. Here are some simple, easy to implement tips to take care of your breath problem and it will go away.

Eliminate the Bad Bacteria- Try not to touch your teeth when you have bad breath and try to remove the bacteria as well. Using toothpaste is one of the easiest ways to control this problem.

Keep Your Blood Sugar Low – By cutting out the excess carbohydrates in your diet and by exercising, you can help reduce the bad bacteria and the bad breath they cause. Also, avoid eating foods that have been sitting around in the fridge for a long time as these can easily ferment and this can also cause the bacteria to multiply.

Get your daily dose of Vitamin C . The production of bad bacteria, and therefore of bad breath, can be greatly reduced if you get enough Vitamin C into your diet. Vitamin C can actually help heal your oral cavity after an infection has been cleared up. It is not so easy to find a good, high quality, pure Vitamin C supplement. Many people swear by taking Vitamin C supplements as a home remedy for halitosis.

Bottom Line

Excessive amounts of alcohol, garlic, and spicy foods are all known to contribute to the growth of the bacteria. The last thing you should do is eat chocolate as well as coffee. These drinks are known to actually make the problem worse.

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