How to Use ABC Homeopathy Online Remedy Finder

abc homeopathy online remedy finder

The treatments presented by the ABC Remedy Finder are based on traditional homeopathic practices. If you continue to have symptoms, consult your health care professional. The content of this site is no substitute for this.

Proprietary online repertoire software helps you find homeopathic treatments for your symptoms with a database of nearly 1,000 treatments and over 65,000 signs.

These are the best recommendations for all symptoms. This can be entered below by clicking on a search or category. The grid you see at the bottom of the screen shows how the treatment is related to the symptoms.

There’s no technical prohibition to the number of symptoms you can go for, but generally, one very certain or six or more common signs is ample to choose a treatment.



The ABC Homeopathic Remedy Finder uses the latest English translations of Kent’s repertoire to help you find the homeopathic remedy you need quickly and easily. Enter your symptoms, check the relevant boxes and select a treatment. With free homeopathic software, a valuable tool for amateurs and professionals, it’s easy to find Simulium (the best medicine) out of about 64,000 symptoms and 650 treatments.

But keep in mind. The website’s content is not intended to constitute a diagnosis or claim of the effectiveness of any treatment in the treatment of any condition. Mild symptoms are often more severe signs, so consult your doctor or homeopathy if your symptoms persist or worsen.

Follow Below Steps For Remedy Finder

Enter your Symptoms


On the Homeopathy Treatment Finder home page, you can choose to search or browse to find the symptoms. When searching, keep in mind that you are searching for signs, not conditions.

Refine your Symptoms

In many instances, the outcome of searching or checking the box will initiate alternate options. Exactly where, when, and how the symptoms occur. All you need to do is check the box for the one that applies to you.

Featured Remedies

The report on the page will inform you which treatment is best for your condition and, if there are more than one, you cannot take them with an antidote or interact.

Click the green bar at the bottom of the screen to see the entire relief grid. The goal is to find one treatment that best matches all symptoms.

Remedy Information

You can display the information page by clicking the remedy name in the grid. Each opens on a new page, and in most cases, the Remedy Finder grid also appears at the bottom of the screen.

Prevalence of Symptoms

To aid quick reading, the color-coding of the symptom check box is as follows:

●    The most common 300ish symptom: the thin red line on the check box

●    Middle 10,000ish symptom: not highlighted

●    The rarest 54,000 symptoms: slight fainting


Now you can select the relief finder with a decreased dataset of around 300 common symptoms instead of the usual around 65000.

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