Managing Dry Eye: D.I.Y

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If you are an inhabitant of America, then you must know how bad it’s if you have the problem of dry eyes. You must have gone through a million solutions on the internet, but have you ever considered going for DIY, Do-It-Yourself ways for managing dry eye.

As per the American Optometric Association (AOA), the main reason behind dry eyes is that, when a person is running out a tear in their tear glands. It is one of the most irritating and also painful situations for humankind. Some common symptoms for dry eyes are burning sensation in the eye accompanied by extreme redness. Let’s have a quick look at the popular remedies suggested by the doctors for managing dry eye:

1. Practice Blinking Regularly For Managing Dry Eye:

Blinking is something that might not affect an individual that often, but it helps in providing relief in case of dry eyes. It is a suggested DIY by the American Optometric Association.

2. Always Take Frequent Computer Breaks:

Looking at the screen is very harmful to your eye. It dries out the tear gland, losing the moisture content of the eye. Therefore making the person suffering from dry eye. Therefore it advisable to go for frequent computer breaks.

3. Wash Your Eyes Properly:

Another proper DIY treatment for managing dry eyes is washing your eyes as much as possible. It not only brings relief to the information around eyelids but also helps in treating dry eye conditions.

4. Application Of Warm Compressor On Your Eyes:

The use of a warm compressor to eye helps in the production of lipids. The creation of fats is beneficial for soothing some of the dry eye condition. Lipid production can also enhance tear quality.

5. Application Of Onion Glass For Managingry Eyes:

Managing Dry Eye: 8 Do-It-Yourself Ways
Managing Dry Eye: 8 Do-It-Yourself Ways

This concept of onion glass is a customized product designed especially for chefs. This item was discovered by Dry eye community foe, making the process of chopping the onions easy for the chefs. This item comes in the recommendation list by eye care specialist. This product works very efficiently for treating dry eye conditions.

6. Fish Oils For Managingry Eyes:

Fish oil consists of omega-three fatty acids, which is very beneficial in managing dry eye conditions. One must also be aware of the situation which might arise due to excess fatty acids in the body. Excess fish oils in the body can cause the risk of bleeding and also reduce the immune system of the body.

Managing Dry Eye: 8 Do-It-Yourself Ways
Managing Dry Eye: 8 Do-It-Yourself Ways

7. Air filters And Humidifiers Reason For Dry Eye:

The environment also plays an essential role in keeping your eyes moist. Therefore one must look for methods to keep around moist to provide moisture to your dry eyes.

8. Sleeping Habits And Change Of Diets:

Sleeping habits and proper nutrition is an essential element for managing dry eye condition. We tend to look to our social networking sites and can spend hours scrolling down. Stop at once this habit. When the light is dim, and the view from the phone is the only source around, it readily acts as an agent of straining your eye and drying your tear gland. Sleep at your scheduled time; stop wasting your time in using the phone. And diet also plays an important part. Avoid eating those items which contribute to eye inflammation.

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