Natural Remedies To Whiten Your Teeth

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A bright and beautiful smile is everyone’s dream come true. Nobody likes to stay close to a person who has stained and yellowy teeth. Many a times, we eat certain foods like berries, tea, coffee which makes our teeth look stained. Even cigarette smoking and alcohol leave yellowy deposits on the teeth. Many people are unaware that teeth can be naturally whitened at home. They think that only costly dental procedures can whiten their teeth. But there are some really effective and easily available sources in our very own kitchen which can help us whiten our teeth.


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Salt is considered to be a natural abrasive substance which helps remove the yellowy food stains from our teeth. It is also said to be the best dental cleansing agent available at home at a minimum cost. Though one should not use it very roughly as it may harm the gums and the enamel. 

Baking Soda

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Baking soda has been used since many years by people to clean and bleach their teeth effectively. It is a natural mild abrasive substance that removes the yellowy stains from the teeth. But one is suggested to use it once a week or once in 15 days only as it may cause the tooth enamel to wear off. 

Coconut Oil Rinse

Though many won’t believe in this remedy, but coconut oil has medicinal properties due to the presence of lauric acid. This acid helps to fight off the bacterial presence in the teeth cavities. The oil also nourishes the gums and keeps them healthy.


lemon is a naturally occurring citrus fruit with loads of vitamin C. This citrus fruit which when rubbed on the teeth causes the yellowy stains to go away. Rubbing a lemon rind helps in warding off germs and the lemon rind also works as a natural bleaching agent which makes the teeth appear whiter. 


The antibacterial and medicinal properties of neem tree have been known to mankind since very long. Neem leaves when boiled and grinded, can be used for gargling to enable oral hygiene. Brushing teeth with neem sticks removes all yellowy stains and make them bacteria free and whiter. 


Apple not only helps in making more saliva and keeps the mouth hydrated but also helps in warding off germs residing in between the teeth. Apple helps to remove the yellowy appearance of teeth and makes them shiny and healthy. 


Strawberry is a natural citrus fruit which has oodles of vitamin C which is a great natural bleaching agent for the teeth. When strawberry is rubbed on the teeth, the yellowy stains go away and teeth begin to sparkle. The natural acid in the fruit also helps in naturally breaking down the plaque which has settle on the teeth.

Use any one or all of the above mentioned natural remedies to whiten your teeth naturally and you will find amazing results instantly. 

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