Olive Leaf Powder and Herbal Lyme Treatment

herbal lyme treatment

Many of the other treatments on the market today contain harsh chemicals, which can be dangerous to your health, particularly if you have some sort of medical condition. For this reason, many prefer a natural remedy such as herbal Lyme treatment. Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. The symptoms are usually a runny and annoying feeling in the joints and muscles, along with joint discoloration, and the development of rashes that may ooze.

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You can get some herbal remedies for Lyme Disease at your local herbal store or Amazon. One such remedy is the chanca piedra, which comes from the Spanish language meaning wild oats. This herb is part of the mint family and has been used traditionally in Spain as a remedy for indigestion. If you’re wondering how it works, here’s how: When ingested, the herb stimulates beneficial bacteria in the intestines, thus preventing the production of toxins that cause candida (yeast infections). It also makes the bowels move more regularly, as well as increasing digestive lubrication.

The chanca piedra is an herbal treatment for Lyme disease that’s usually taken in three months. However, this varies according to the person. Two people using the herb for Lyme disease reported having it for seven months to ten months, while others said it took them several weeks to several months. So, it seems like this herb does not work instantly, but if you take it consistently for several weeks, you will see positive results.

Additional Herbs

There are several additional herbs that are also very useful. Some of these include black cohosh, horsetail, lomatium, rue, Saint-John-wort, and mistletoe. Each of these has its own benefits, and depending on the person, might be helpful. However, the most important thing to do when treating your brain fog is to make sure that you don’t have any of these Candida albicans in your system. If you do, your treatment won’t be very effective.

So, in order to get rid of the symptoms you’re having, you need to clear your body of whatever might be causing it. A great way to do that is with an herbal treatment for windy constitution, known as ghee. Ghee is derived from nuts. It’s made into a paste, then added to warm water, and used to bathe the skin several weeks to several months after the initial treatment.

Extra Method

Another method is to make a compress with some of these herbs, mixed in a quart of hot oil, and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Just make sure to use the cold oil, or eucalyptus oil, not the hot kind. Pour the compress onto your damp scalp and leave it overnight. The next morning, wash the hair with a mild shampoo – don’t use anything with strong scents or colors, such as shampoo. Follow this up with a gentle rubdown with a loofah. Use the leaf powder once or twice a week, depending on your preference.

Frontier Bulk Herbs also makes a morning smoothie using some of their special herbs. These include a combination of ginger, milk thistle, comfrey, and wild yam. To make the smoothie, simply mix together one cup of low-fat plain yogurt, one tablespoon of ground flax seeds, and four or five drops of peppermint essential oil. You can drink the concoction as is, or you can add the yogurt and flax seeds to the yogurt to make a delicious, light breakfast cereal for your body to help boost its immune support.


For someone who doesn’t want to take a daily herbal medicine or create a homemade tincture, there are plenty of options available. A quick trip to your local grocery store or a browse through the Internet will turn up many different options for your olive leaf powder. You can purchase ready-made mixes that include everything you need to make a delicious, healthful breakfast smoothie. Or, if you prefer, you can try creating your own. Ingredients for a tasty homemade tincture include three tablespoons of olive leaf powder, one teaspoon of cumin seed, a quarter teaspoon of dried garlic, a quarter teaspoon of red pepper flakes, and two cups of water. You can put everything in a large blender, blend on high for thirty seconds, and then drink within the hour for maximum benefit.

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