Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit To Use For COVID-19

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit To Use For COVID-19

It is a time of emergency all over the world. Healthcare workers are working hard to keep COVID-19 away. But they also need protection. This article enlists the personal protective equipment (PPE) for COVID-19 protection. This is one of the best PPE recommended by WHO for both health care and home care settings.

It should also be taken during the handling of cargo. Let us look at the best PPE for COVID-19 one by one.

Examination Gloves – Part Of The Best PPE Kit

The specific characteristics of gloves include nitrile, powder-free, non-sterile, minimum 230mm total length. Sizes can be varied from a minimum thickness of 0.05 mm, S, M, and L.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit To Use For COVID-19
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit To Use For COVID-19

Surgical Gloves

The gloves should have long cuffs, reaching well above the wrist, ideally to mid-forearm and it should be longer than examination gloves. It should be latex, sterile, powder-free, and single usage gloves with minimum thickness 0.10mm. Sizes ranging from 5.0 to 9.0 inches.

Mask, For Medical-Healthcare Workers

Medical masks for healthcare workers should be of good quality. The specificity includes good breathability. Meanwhile, the internal and external faces should be identified for ease of wearing.

Mask, For Medical Patients

The specificity should be similar to that of medical workers. It includes a medical mask with good breathability, clearly identified internal and external faces.

Face Shield

The face shield should be made of clear plastic. It should provide good visibility to both the wearer and the patient. There should be an adjustable band that attaches shield firmly around the head. The shield should fit snuggly against the forehead.

It should be preferably fog resistant. Also, completely covering the sides and length of the face. It may be reusable. If reusable, it should be made of robust material so that it can be cleaned and disinfected. Alternatively, it can also be a disposable, single-use face shield.

Apron, Heavy-Duty

For the heavy-duty of healthcare workers, a straight apron with the bib is required. The fabric of the apron can be 100% polyester with PVC coating. It can also be made of 100% PVC, 100% rubber, or any other fluid-resistant coated material.

Moreover, the apron should be waterproof. It should be sewn strap for neck and back fastening. The minimum basis weight of apron should be 300g/m2 and the covering size should be 70-90 cm in width and 120-150 cm in height. The apron can be reusable provided that appropriate arrangements for decontamination are available.

Goggles, Protective Glasses

The goggles should have a good seal with the skin of the face. It should have a flexible PVC frame to easily fit with all facial contours with even pressure.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit To Use For COVID-19
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit To Use For COVID-19

The protective glass should enclose the eyes and the surrounding areas. It should also accommodate people with prescription glasses. The lens should be of clear plastic. Further, it should be fog and scratch-resistant.

An adjustable band should also be there to secure it firmly on the face. It can also be both reusable or disposable provided there is proper arrangement for decontamination.


The WHO has addressed the issue of PPE’s limited supply. There are more PPE that still need to be discussed. People should maintain social distancing and follow proper guidelines to overcome this unfortunate situation of COVID-19.

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