Routine For Healthy Skin


Everybody needs a routine for healthy skin. This is so because the outside weather is becoming harsh day by day. The other prominent reasons are an increase in pollution and also bad eating habits. Therefore to compensate for all the problems mentioned above, a person needs to clean his skin and take care of it every day. Getting a perfect routine for healthy skin can be a never-ending task. New companies are launching new products every day. Therefore there is a lot of confusion about selecting the ideal method and product. But if a person combines all the skincare theories, then the final result shall be five steps for skincare.

Routine For Healthy Skin One Must Follow Daily
Routine For Healthy Skin One Must Follow Daily

Cleansing The Skin

This is the first step in taking care of the skin. A person must daily clean his skin using the perfect cleanser that suits his or her skin type. Cleansing the skin helps to remove oil, dirt, and sweat. It also helps to remove pollutants from the skin, which are harsh. The skin collects these dirt and pollution particles throughout the day. Cleaning the face is a simple skincare routine. Cleansing the skin keeps the skin pores clear. This habit makes a face feel fresh every day. But one must apply cleanser the correct way i.e., using circular and upward movements. This will prevent the forming of wrinkles.

Tone The Skin

Toning is the second step for daily skincare routine. Some people find toning the skin useless, but the experts’ advice to use toner on the skin daily. Toner helps to remove the residue left after cleansing the skin. It also helps to remove any impurity that the cleanser might have missed. This process helps the skin to absorb moisturizer. One should damp cotton with toner and apply to start from the neck. 

Exfoliate The Skin

The third step in the daily skincare routine is to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliating the skin means removing the dead cells, which form a layer over the new skin. This process helps to open the pores. This step is also necessary for those who struggle with acne or blackhead problem. A person must exfoliate the skin not more than three times a week. One must select an exfoliator as per the skin type.

Moisturize The Skin

The fourth step, while taking care of the skin, is to moisturize it. It is an essential step after exfoliating as it helps the skin to stay moist and hydrated. All the above steps result in dryness of the skin. Therefore it becomes necessary to moisturize it. This step gives the skin a smooth and bright appearance. One should apply the moisturizer gently on the skin and allow it to sink.

Apply SPF Based Cream

The fifth and the last step while taking skincare is to apply the SPF based cream. The sun is one of the prominent causes of skin disease like cancer. Therefore it is recommended to use a moisturizer that contains SPF. If the exposure toward the sun is less, then one must apply SPF up to 15. If the exposure is more, then one must take a higher SPF.


Routine For Healthy Skin One Must Follow Daily
Routine For Healthy Skin One Must Follow Daily

All of the above steps are critical for skincare. One must adapt to these steps in daily life. This will help keep the skin youthful and remove the early signs of ageing.