The Signs Of Constipation

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“Signs Of Constipation” is very prevalent in some point of our lives. Almost all of us have experienced the symptoms of constipation in our life some time or other. But for some people, this is a chronic disease, and that is where the problem starts initially. If not taken proper care, this simple problem can be life-threatening surgery and incurable illness. So let us first check for the symptoms. If you feel something is blocking your rectum while your morning ritual, then this might be a sign of it. Also, if you experience a lot of pain while excretion and have difficulty while doing so, then maybe you are suffering from the disease.

Also, please check for any blood stains or severe pain in the intestine during excretion. If you notice any dryness or redness in your rectum, then immediately consult a physician. Generally, constipation denotes minimum three times bowel movement in a week; if not so, then take medication. There are many causes of illness, but sometimes there are no causes at all. Having lumpy and super hard strenuous bowel movements are also one imperial sign for irritable bowel movements and acute syndromes of constipation problem.

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signs of constipation: the symptoms and remedial cures

Signs Of Constipation And Its Remedy

So now, as you are confirmed about your disease, then it is time for remedial actions. As a precautionary measure, consult your physician if the condition is severe. If the situation is minor, then some homely remedies will cure you completely. In the following paragraph, we will know about them.

Include more and more fibers in your daily diet. Naturally occurred sugar happens to be in fruits, so eat a whole fruit daily without peeling as the food and vegetable skin contains fiber. Also, you can use some dietary fiber like psyllium husk before going to sleep at night. They tend to help a lot in this particular case. You must drink enough water to keep your system moist and to get rid of this problem. Eat lady’s finger, papaya, watermelon, banana the fruits and vegetables, which helps in a smooth bowel movement. These home remedies will help you in this situation.

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signs of constipation: the symptoms and remedial cures

Fruits And Vegetable Intake

Here are some techniques to increase your fruit intake. Add some spinach and mushrooms to your morning omelet. These will make them more substantial and filling. It is much healthier than adding only cheese and onion. In case you are not going for bread and omelet and you want milk and cereal, then another trick comes handy. Lessen the amount of grain, aka the carbohydrate in the bowl, and add more fruits in that place. Choose the fruit of your choice. That will make it delicious and a great start to your day with fruits.

Fruits contain natural sugar and fiber, which controls your blood sugar level and bowel movement at the same time. Also, the immense benefits of fruity vitamins and minerals are there undoubtedly. To start your day with fruit builds up our natural immunity to boost up the system.

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