About Sinus Infection

Sinus: Know More About The Infection

Sinusitis, also known as Sinus infection is a widespread health problem. More than 31 million people suffer from a sinus infection in the USA alone. This problem normally targets people with asthma, allergies, structural blockages in the nose or with weak immune system. Many a time a severe cold can be mistaken for sinus infection. This is because most of the symptoms are same as headache, facial pain, runny nose, and blocked.

Sinus: Know More About The Infection
Sinus: Know More About The Infection

Acute sinus infection does not require medication most of the time. They usually resolve on their own without any medication. At most, it requires nasal rinses or pain medications. Chronic sinus infection, on the other hand, can last up to 8 weeks and can be caused by growths. They require proper antibiotics, which can last up to weeks. Never try to diagnose anything on your own. If you feel that some of the symptoms matches, please go and check with a proper physician or allergist.

What Is Sinus

Sinusitis can be adequately described as inflammation in the sinuses. They are mostly caused by bacterial infections. In more rarer cases, they can also be caused by viruses and moulds. The sinuses are air-filled cavities located In some parts of our head. They are present behind the forehead and eyebrows, in the bony structure of our cheeks, on either side of our nose and directly behind our nose.

Sinusitis can be fatal in some rare cases. If you do not treat it and neglect it for a long time, it can spread to the brain. Some of the common symptoms of sinus infection are:

Sinus: Know More About The Infection
Sinus: Know More About The Infection


•    Discoloured Nasal Discharge- Discolured discharge is a prevalent symptom. They are generally greenish or greyish in colour.

•    Fever- The fever comes due to inflammation of the sinuses and the infection.

•    Fatigue- The fatigue will be due to weakness and fever and can stay for a few days.

•    Postnasal Drip- It is the overproduced mucus which flows to the throat and causes discomfort.

•    Frontal Headaches- One of the most common symptoms. Continuous Headache in the front part of the head is present.

•    Tenderness On The Face- The face becomes tender, especially under the eyes and at the bridge on the nose. In some cases, the face swells over the sinus areas.

•    Pain In Teeth- The teeth may also become painful and can make eating hard. It happens due to pressure on surrounding nerves and tissues.

•    Stuffed Nose- The nose becomes stuffed and congested due to overproduction of mucus.

•    Coughing- Coughing is also very common and is prevalent in most people. It is due to the irritation the throat caused by the post nasal drip.

•    Bad Breath- Sinus infection can make your breath smell very bad. This is also due to the overproduction of mucus and bacterial infections.

•    Sneezing Or Itching: Sneezing and itching of eyes are usually frequent in noninfectious sinusitis.

•    Sore Throat- A sore throat is the result of inflammation due post nasal drip in the throat.

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