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Sinus Pressure: Remedies

Sinus pressure occurs when there are blockages in the natural drainage pathways of the paranasal sinuses. The leading causes are viral infections (colds, etc.), allergies, and inhaled nasal irritants. The natural drainage stops and mucus build up in the sinus cavities. This mucus and fluid can then become infected with bacteria. The body’s immune system and chemical compounds cannot reach the rapidly multiplying bacteria. Immune cells release into the sinuses, causing pus and pressure to build up. Sounds gross! Doesn’t it?

The pressure and inflammation in the sinus cause pain. However, the balance of power is often on the side of the bacteria at this point. Without adequate drainage through the sinus openings, the body may not be effective in fighting. Your body temperature may increase (fever) as it naturally tries to clear the blockage. Believe it or not, but this a WAY oversimplified explanation of all that is happening.

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Sinus Pressure: What Home Remedies Can Cure?

Natural Methods Of Helping The Sinus Pressure Passages To Open

  Natural methods of helping to open the sinus passages concentrate on clearing things on the nasal side of the sinus opening. And nasal saline rinses (often called “sinus rinses”) are by far the most effective of these. These rinses alone, repeated 2, 3, or more times a day. Maybe these are effective in turning the tide and helping your body win the battle. It might shock you to see the snuff that a nasal rinse will wash out of your nose, even immediately after a good blow. Other natural methods to keep your body on the winning side of the battle include

drinking plenty of liquids,

 eating a healthy and balanced diet,

 And increasing the humidity of the inspired air (humidifier). In your question, “natural” means different things to different people. To some, it means remedies without any “medication.” To others, it means things only in the health food store. To others, it means things that they can obtain can go without a prescription. There are a few “non-medications” that I know. Some will argue this point, but that is the perspective I hold as a result of my training. Touching on some of the less-natural treatment options: Mucolytics can help to thin the body’s secretions and clear sinus passages. Guaifenesin is a standard OTC preparation. Decongestants, systemic (oral) or topical (nasal sprays), may shrink the swollen sinus passages.

Moreover, these can aid in promoting natural drainage. Steroids, again systemic (oral) or topical (nasal sprays), can reduce inflammation. And these also speed natural drainage recovery. They may also help to reduce the effects caused by the initial causative insult. These may also play a role in some patients.

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Sinus Pressure: What Home Remedies Can Cure?

Use Of Antibiotics

Lastly, and considered by most as the least “natural,” would be antibiotics. Obtained only by prescription in the US, antibiotics can inhibit growth. It can even kill the bacterial organisms causing the infection. The appropriate use of antibiotics may prevent or treat primary disease. However, antibiotics prevent the spread into the orbit, the brain, and the bloodstream. These complications may be rare, but they are none-the-less life-threatening.

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