Stay At Home: Tips For Living Alone With COPD

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This time stay at home and keeping social distancing is the most important thing for us but we all need to have our peace of mind. In the case of Chronic, Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), the major symptoms are coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain, and breathing problems due to lack of oxygen.

There are ways to stay at home if you have COPD, the first of which is to do regular aerobic exercises. This is a common way to make up for the shortage of oxygen in the lungs, especially during times of heavy exercise. If you are already doing this and have other health issues, you may want to make an effort to get your heart rate up through other methods, such as jogging or riding a bike.

Many people who suffer from COPD find that home care is a way to handle their lives without needing help in any way. Having the correct resources at home makes it easier to not have to rely on others for help.

Stay At Home

If you have an advocate who can give you assistance with living expenses, home care can be done without much stress. Just be sure to ask the person providing the assistance about any restrictions on what they can do with your belongings or help you with your day-to-day activities.

Stay At Home: Tips For Living Alone With COPD
Stay At Home: Tips For Living Alone With COPD

It can be difficult to think about living alone, but you don’t have to deal with medical issues. Living at home is an option for many people. People who live alone in homes that are easily accessible to everyone can usually choose a room to work with.

If living in a home is a great option for you, it is very important to not neglect the needs of your home. You should take care of things that will help you get by. A bath is a daily necessity, even for those who have problems breathing or suffer from chronic pain in their body.

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Start off the day by taking a bath, then eat breakfast and get into a comfortable sitting position, preferably on your bed. You will need to brush your teeth and wash your face. Your whole body should be bathed in hot water, and you will also need to use deodorant or soap to clean the rest of your house.

If you take care of the basic functions of life, such as brushing your teeth and washing your face, you will probably be able to get along just fine without a usual routine. If you still need assistance, there are many places you can go for help.

Many senior citizens live in nursing homes in both public and private facilities. Often, the full-time staff manages these senior homes that provides great support to people who live alone. Nursing homes will often have communication devices available to help make it easier for people to get around the facility.

There are also some home care services that offer the use of such devices. These are typically available for a fee. They are equipped with long pieces of cord and other equipment that can provide an audio warning device, a pulse oximeter, and a door detector.

Final Thoughts

Stay At Home: Tips For Living Alone With COPD

If these devices are used with the help of a nurse, it will make it easier for patients to go about their normal respiratory rates when they are sleeping. The device also plays a sound that tells the patient that someone is in the room with them and that the alert can easily be turned off.

Keep in mind that each person in your home has different needs. Some will need certain supplies, while others will not need them. You will want to make sure that you know what your medical situation is so that you can have the right kind of support, especially when it comes to being independent and staying healthy.

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