Sulphur Homeopathy Remedy – Benefits And Side Effects

sulphur homeopathy remedy

Sulphur homeopathy remedy is good to treat skin issues like dandruff, skin redness, itching, and skin infection like scabies. This mineral is also widely available in our body and also present in foods like broccoli, onions, and garlic. But, sulphur is also available in the form of supplements for external uses.

Let us understand how sulphur improves health conditions.

Uses Of Sulphur Homeopathy Remedy

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Every living tissue has sulphur, which has antibacterial properties. Thus, it is widely used to treat a skin condition as it can fight against acne-causing bacteria. In addition to this, sulphur is also known to promote skin healthy by eliminating dead skin cells.

It can treat more skin issues like seborrheic dermatitis. Besides skin issues, sulphur homeopathy remedy also treats allergies, high cholesterol, common cold, and more. Here is what research says about sulphur homeopathy remedy:

Hayfever- Nasal spray that contains sulphur in diluted amounts along with histamine, luffa, galphimia glauca is effective for the treatment of hayfever.

Acne- FDA has approved the use of sulphur for the treatment of acne, but less research on its effectiveness raises concern over its single use of sulphur. But, other over-the-counter producers for acne also contain sulphur; this shows that when used in combination with other ingredients like sodium sulfacetamide, it really works against acne.

Rosacea- As per the research, the application of the cream that contains sulphur as one of the ingredients can reduce the redness and bumps on the skin. Further research on sulphur homeopathy remedies has also shown that sulphur is equally good as antibiotic tetracycline.

You can use this useful mineral for the above-mentioned issues. But there are some safety concerns as well.

Safety Concerns Regarding The Use Of Sulphur

The application of sulphur on the skin is although safe, but one should not continue the use for longer-term. However, you can use any product that has sulphur up to 10 percent for eight weeks after the consultation of the doctor.

But there is no safety evidence on the use of sulphur by mouth. Moreover, it can cause side effects like dry skin and diarrhea. In addition to this, there are precautions and warning related to the use of sulphur, such as:

Pregnant and breast-feeding mothers should ask their doctors for long-term use of sulphur containing products. However, they can safely use the productions of up to 6 percent of sulphur for six days.

Sulphur homeopathy remedy is not recommended for those with allergies, especially sulfa allergy.

Use And Dosage Of Sulphur

Adults can apply the sulphur containing shampoos with not more than 2 percent concentration twice a week.

Sulphur jelly can be safely applied to treat scabies for 3 to 6 nights.

Sulphur containing jelly with 2-6 percent concentration is safe to be used for the treatment of scabies in children. It is even safe for infants, but the concentration of sulphur should not be more than 2 percent. Moreover, the application should not be more than 3 hours for three days.

For proper dosage, the amount consults the doctor and do not apply without a prescription as it can cause side effects.

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