Symptoms For Sinus

Symptoms For Sinus: Proper Understanding Is Important

Sinusitis is called rhinosinusitis medically. It is the infection of the sinus occurring when the nasal cavities get inflamed, swollen, and infected. A virus generally causes sinus infections. However, in some cases, fungus or bacteria can also cause the infection. Various other issues like nasal polyps, tooth infections, and allergies can also result in the symptoms for sinus.

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Symptoms For Sinus

Acute Vs. Chronic Symptoms For Sinus

Acute sinusitis does not last for a very long time. The infection is a part of respiratory illness or cold. Chronic sinusitis causes long-term problems. It lasts for over 12 weeks and even tends to recur. Primary symptoms of chronic sinusitis include infected nasal discharge, congestion, and facial pain.

Many symptoms of sinus are common among sufferers of both chronic and acute conditions. Visiting a specialist is the right way of learning whether you have an infection or not. Doctors can offer you proper treatment in this field.

Common Symptoms For Sinus

Some common symptoms of sinusitis infection include:

Pain In The Sinuses

Pain in the sinuses is a common sign of sinus infection. People have several sinuses both above and under the nose and the eyes. These can hurt if you suffer from an infection. Swelling and inflammation can also result in pain in the sinuses. You will feel a chronic pain with a dull pressure.

People might even feel the pain in their forehead, upper jaws, and sides of the nose, also between the eyes and in their teeth. All these conditions can together result in a headache.

Sinus Headaches

Relentless swelling and pressure in the sinuses can bring about signs of sinus headaches. Pain in the sinuses can also result in dental pain, earaches, and pain in the cheeks and the jaws.

Sinus headaches are generally experienced in the morning, and they are worse during this time. They happen in the morning, mainly because fluids keep collecting throughout the night. Sinus sufferers can have headaches even when the barometric pressure of the environment changes.

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Symptoms For Sinus

Nasal Discharge

People with sinus infections need to blow their nose quite often. They can have yellow, green, and cloudy nasal discharge. The discharge generally comes from the infected sinuses and goes into the passages of nose. It can even bypass the nose of the sufferer and drain down the throat. People feel it as a tickle or an itch. Some also experience a feeling of having a sore throat.

Acute nasal discharge while suffering from a sinus infection is known as postnasal drip. It might disturb an individual’s sleep because of constant coughing. People with this condition can also sound hoarse.

Nasal Congestion

The inflamed sinuses might limit an individual from breathing through his nose. Sinus infection causes swelling in the nasal passages and the sinuses.

This further causes nasal congestion, where the victim is not able to taste or smell things usually. Even the voice of the sufferer sounds stuffy. Cough and throat irritation are also some significant signs of sinus infection.

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