The Coronavirus Disease: Advice For The Public

The Coronavirus Disease: Advice For The Public

These days, almost the whole world is suffering from a deadly virus name called coronavirus, which is also famous by COVID-19. This term is referring to the coronavirus disease in 2019. Due to this pandemic, millions of people have lost their lives, and hundreds of thousands are still fighting to save their lives.

Many doctors and scientists from all over the world are not leaving any stone unturned to find possible coronavirus disease treatment. However, research is still in progress, which means there is no treatment for this deadly virus. Therefore, we are here with all the necessary advice for public health protection. The following passage will provide all essential safety advice for protecting yourself and your loved ones from the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The Coronavirus Disease: Advice For The Public
The Coronavirus Disease: Advice For The Public

The Coronavirus Disease: Avoid Getting In Contact With Others

There are higher chances that if you get in contact with a coronavirus suspect or COVID-19 patient, you can also get affected. It can be a possible condition if you don’t take it seriously.  We are not superhuman, and we cannot identify who is infected with this virus and who’s not. Therefore, it is better to stay safe at home and avoid meeting other people. In case you have to go out shopping, then maintain at least a meter distance from others.  

Keep Yourself Clean And Hygiene

Keeping yourself clean and hygiene is the most effective way to beat this virus. Regularly wash your hands with soap or liquid soap and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer for thoroughly cleaning. We often touch many surfaces all over the day without even knowing that the surface is infected or not. So, it’s better to clean your hands all over the day instead of suffering from this virus later.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Never touch your face without adequately cleaning your hands. Humans are in the habit of touching their faces frequently. It is a dangerous habit and can easily add your name to the list of coronavirus-positive patients. Throughout the day, we touch many surfaces, and there are high possibilities of picking up the virus from that particular surface. Once contaminated, the virus can reach your eyes, nose, and mouth by hand. From there, the virus can easily infect you by entering into your body.

Use Of Masks

Mask is the most effective solution to prevent coronavirus. It can save you from the droplets caused by sneezing and coughing, which may contain a virus. Nevertheless, for this, your mask must be best in quality and must have followed all necessary guidelines. However, there are plethoras of masks available in the market from different companies with quality material. Instead of these, experts recommend N-95 masks. Their design is for doctors and nursing staff who work inside the hospital. 

The Coronavirus Disease: Advice For The Public
The Coronavirus Disease: Advice For The Public

The Coronavirus Disease: Boost Your Immunity

Well, as mentioned earlier, there is no such possible treatment for this pandemic. Millions of people have lost their lives in this deadly virus war, and there are still many people who beat this virus and live a healthy life again with their family. How? A strong immunity can help you beat coronavirus disease, eat healthy food, regular exercise, and a proper diet to boost your immune system. 


Finally, to elucidate this, it is worth mentioning that precaution is better than cure. Also, follow all upper mentioned advice for public health for preventing coronavirus disease. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home!

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