The Coronavirus Disease: Treatment At Home

The coronavirus disease is a respiratory illness, and you will see symptoms such as the ones caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome and the Middle East respiratory syndrome. The latest news is that COVID 19 can also be caused by and through animals, and just like the diseases mentioned above, you should stick to vegetarian and vegan food. 

If you have coronavirus disease, you would show the symptoms such as you will feel very tired at all times. You might have a sustained headache, it may start with diarrhea, or your fingers may become discolored. 

The Coronavirus Disease: Treatment At Home
The Coronavirus Disease: Treatment At Home

If you are infected, you may test positive even though you may not show very serious symptoms. It is noteworthy that 80% of people live to get cured of coronavirus disease without going to the hospital, and it may be better to get treatment at home because the hospitals may be in very bad shape. 

The hospitals itself could be a carrier of disease because of the lack of hygiene, especially in government hospitals.

Self-Care In Coronavirus Disease 

Coronavirus treatment at home is all about self-care. If you have symptoms, make sure you start drinking a lot of fluids in your daily diet. You can drink smoothies, juices, shakes, cocktails, and hot water. It would improve your immunity and give you the strength to fight this deadly disease so that you do not lose the will to fight. Drinking fluids also makes sure that your urine is clear in color so that the bacteria and virus wash out through the urinary tract. So, eat vegetarian and healthy food, drink, and intake foods with high nutritional value.  

Self-Isolation At Home 

Treatment at home includes choosing a room in the house and staying there so that the disease does not spread just with a little bit of extra care. Maintain a lifestyle and use one dedicated washroom and do not roam about in the house. You should clean your toilet and disinfect the areas where you go, whenever you touch something, disinfect that area and stay hygienic, take a bath only in this dedicated washroom.

The Coronavirus Disease: Treatment At Home
The Coronavirus Disease: Treatment At Home

Sleep Well 

Sleep well so that you remain active and so that your body does not become numb. When you sleep well, it boosts your immunity, and you can get up fresh. But, being active does not mean strenuous workout, although you can stretch and strain to feel energetic.

Social Media During Coronavirus Disease 

Stay active and stay in touch with loved ones on social media and heed their advice so that you know what is best for you. Stay social on social media so that you do not lose hope and become depressed. Mentally decide to come out of this disease and not to infect others in the house. Self-isolate for at least 10 days so that you are not harming your family. Very rare cases need ventilators so you should not worry yourself with rumors. People are sitting at home and getting treatment at home without even needing hospital care.


The medicines that you take should be over the counter drugs for COVID 19. Although we do not have the vaccine symptoms can be treated so that you feel well. Treat your symptoms and have enough common sense not to be a doctor for your self, you may not need hospitals but you can contact your family doctor over the phone and follow their instructions.