The Myth Of Homeopathy Medicine

The Myth Of Homeopathy Medicine

The 220 years myth of homeopathy medicine continues irrespective of many research findings and restrictions. It is mainly due to the ignorance of people and their make-belief. Somewhere the wishful thinking due to the marketing efforts of companies has to be blamed too.

Even in the US, its menace continues unabated by the FDA warning. FDA strictly warned against teething tablets and gels due to health risks to infants and children.

But, besides the FDA’s warning, the medicine market has a record of a 50 % rise in medical emergencies alleging poisoning from 2005 to 2012.

The selling of homeopathy medicines is rising day-by-day. The reason for its contribution is – businesspeople selling the medication for getting profit without any regulation to follow. It makes contamination common. 

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The Myth Of Homeopathy Medicine

Homeopathy Medicine Is Not A Natural Or Herbal Remedy

Much publicized as a natural and herbal remedy, homeopathy is not even medicine. Even with its fundamental principle of using only a tiny proportion of natural ingredients by excessive dilution, it is not medicine. It is because many scientific researchers have time and again confirmed that it has no effect on humans as medicine. 

Hence, homeopathy rejected by the scientific community, which needs proof, which it fails to give, makes it neither a natural or herbal remedy.

Homeopathy FDA & WHO:

FDA, in 2016, released a warning about its products being unfit for children. Science makes a mockery of homeopathy without any proof of curing patients. 

Even rare clinical trials producing positive results to homeopathy medicines have no facts backing them. This medical system only has flawed chances, improper research methods, and bias reporting by multiple systematic reviews. 

The rejections and warnings by such renowned medical governing bodies are not able to control the homeopathy atrocities even today.

Homeopathy Medicine dangers

Apart from many calls to poison centers due to contaminated homeopathy products, there are many other dangers of it. People suffering from various ailments, even chronic and life-threatening ones, seek the help of homeopathy medicines. 

It is dangerous because it will stop patients from getting proper scientific treatment within the time duration. Also, the sufferings they undergo along with that of the families cannot be said in words. 

Only because of wrong belief in homeopathy, they endanger their life and put their family and friends in misery.

Homeopathy Medicine Is Nothing But A Placebo

The Myth Of Homeopathy Medicine
The Myth Of Homeopathy Medicine

The fundamental doctrine of homeopathy is ‘Like Cures Like.’ There is a saying, ‘for healthy people, some substances will create symptoms while there will be no option to cure it. 

Also, the other primary principle is disease cures naturally, and only the minimum of natural remedies is enough to stimulate the curing process. It is the reason that most of the homeopathy medicines are the dilute version of the level to cause no side effects. 

But some homeopathic medicines have large amounts of compounds like heavy metal that are highly dangerous.


Homeopathy is a pseudoscience. It should be not be valued as conventional treatments to save lives.

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