The Side-Effects Of Thinner Blood Medication You Must Know

Thinner Blood Medication

The Side-Effects Of Thinner Blood Medication You Must Know

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Chances are you or someone you love is using medicine to thin your blood called a blood thinner medicine. The primary reason to use this medicine is to reduce blood clots, therefore, thinning the blood. Since bleeding can be a serious side effect, doctors take extreme caution to make sure their patients are monitored well. For example, they may have weekly or bi-weekly blood tests that measure the amount of medicine in their bodies to assure that it is in a safe range. They also highly recommend to patients to stay away from specific foods or vitamins that may cause serious side effects, such as cranberries or Vit K. Here are some of the ways to prevent the side-effects of thinner medication that you must know about it.

Follow The Treatment Plan To Avoid Side-Effects

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Before taking medicine, make sure that the medicine is director by your doctor. If you don’t take the proper amount of the blood thinner medicine, then it might not be able to prevent the blood from clotting. But! If you take overdose then, it might be the cause of further bleeding, according to the AHA or American heart association. Generally, The AHA recommends that the people who are taking the supplement, they should be monitored on a monthly basis.

Avoid Taking Drugs

If you are taking thinner blood medication, then you should avoid the drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including Motrin, Advil, and aleve. According to the doctors, the medication can increase bleeding. Apart from the drugs, high doses of omega-3 supplements can make blood thinner more potent.

Look For Your Diet

If you are going to take a blood thinner, then you shouldn’t make any significant changes without talking to your doctor. You should not take too much vitamin K found in leafy green, broccoli, asparagus, etc. You should also steer clear of cranberries and alcohol, which can enhance the effects of blood thinners and further increase the risk of bleeding, according to the doctors.

Avoid Taking Physical Risks

At the time of taking blood thinners medicine, the person should avoid any kind of physical risk, including heavy gyms, sports, and all. However, the patient can take part in low-risk physical activity in which there is not any chance of bleeding. However, while doing any activity, always use safety gear.

Always Take Precautions

It is your first concern to take precautions to avoid bleeding. For example, choose soft-bristle shoes and toothbrushes that don’t hurt your feet. And be careful when you’re using scissors, razors, and your favorite paring knife.

Don’t Wait To Seek Help

If you fall or have some bleeding, don’t wait for the moment, and hesitate to go to the emergency room. Go to the doctor’s chamber as soon as possible, because if you wait for the moment, then it may be the cause of a big problem. Whenever you feel any injury, contact the doctor. These are some of the vital precautions to avoid the side-effects of thinner blood medication.

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