Tips For Giving Your Pet The Proper Heartworm Medication Dosage

heartworm medication

These heartworm medications are used for three to six weeks. The advantage to these medicines is that they have few or no side effects. Some of the side effects of the heartworm medication can be moderate.

Type Of Heartworm Medication

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Another type of heartworm medication is called eribulin. It is a soluble protein in a pill form that is taken by mouth. It is taken as a preventative and as part of treatment for heartworm.

Zoster medication is another heartworm medication that can be prescribed. This type of heartworm medication is used to treat only those dogs that have an acute heart worm infection. This medication must be given without delay after the dog has been infected. Usually it is given two times a day, morning and evening. You should notice a difference after a week of treatment.

Doxycycline Is A Heartworm Medication

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Doxycycline is a heartworm medication that can be used to treat your dog’s chronic heartworm disease. It should be prescribed by a veterinarian because of its many side effects. This heartworm medication can be very expensive, but some pet clinics will treat your dog for free when it is diagnosed with heartworm. This is a very important step in treating your dog for heartworm.

The heartworm medication can be in tablet form or a powder for oral administration. They come in liquids with syrups. The liquids are best at preventing heartworm infections. The powder form of the heartworm medication can be used topically on the affected area to treat the heartworm infection. They are usually coated with a sticky material to hold them in place and protect them from breakage.

Heartworm Medications Include Econazole, Avermectin, Heartgard Plus, And Ivermectin

Some of the other heartworm medications include econazole, avermectin, heartgard Plus, and ivermectin. Some dogs suffer from very severe heartworms and need to be hospitalized. In these cases, the medication can also be administered intravenously. Your veterinarian can help you decide which heartworm medication is right for your pet.

If you have applied the heartworm medication and the infection has not been cleared, then you should repeat the course of medication. If the heartworm infection is still present, then it is necessary to take even more heartworm medication to kill all the eggs laid by the heartworm. Repeat treatments should be given until the worm is completely killed. Treatment of heartworm infections usually lasts for a period of six months or a year. Your veterinarian will advise you if the course of treatment is required for longer than this.

Final Words

Heartworms affect many animals, but dogs and cats are particularly vulnerable to the disease. Because the heartworm medication dosage depends on the size and weight of the infected animal, it is recommended that you seek medical advice from your vet as soon as possible, so that the correct heartworm medication dosage can be given. Your vet will be able to determine the right heartworm medication dosage for your pet. If left untreated, heartworm can cause life-threatening complications and can even result in death.

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