Tips To Avoid Rosacea

Tips To Avoid Rosacea
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Rosacea is a common skin disorder that occurs on the skin of our face. In this skin disease, the skin of the nose, forehead, chin, and cheeks gets red. As time proceeds the redness becomes more prominent. The blood vessels of the skin start to appear on the surface. There are times when the redness can also appear on the chest, back and neck. Pus-filled acne appears all over the skin.  If the condition worsens, it can affect the eyes and make the nose look swollen and bulb-like.

Causes Of Rosacea:

The exact reason behind rosacea is not known yet. There is some theory that states that it is caused due to neurovascular disorder or immune system. Some studies even claim that it is genetic. Cancer can also be one of the reasons behind Rosacea.

Symptoms Of Rosacea:

The symptoms of rosacea can vary from person to person. Facial redness and heat rash are some of the primary signs of rosacea. Pus-filled acne or cystic acne and red solid bumps even develop in this condition. Burning and stinging also take place. One of the main symptoms of this disease is visible blood vessels on the skin. Though there aren’t any specific symptoms for this disease so we need to be very careful about it.

Prevention Of Rosacea:

  • Sun Protection:

Too much exposure to sunlight can really damage our skin. Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen before we step outside in the sun. Spf 30 or more is much preferable as the temperature is sores up regularly. It’s always preferable to be in shade and avoid sunlight as much as possible.

  • Reduce Stress:

Stress can trigger Rosacea so we should meditate and try remaining calm. Doing things that will relieve our stress can help us a lot. 

  • Limit In Alcohol Consumption:

Red wine can worsen the condition so it’s preferable to have white wine. Limit the number of drinks. Adding soda and water can also help in these conditions.

  • Avoid Overheating:

It always feels great after a hot water bath but we should not bath in too hot water. Warm water is fine. Do not allow the body to get heated up apply cold patches around your head and neck and drink something cold. Aloe Vera gel or Aloe Vera has many beauty tips. It can also help in preventing rosacea. Aloe Vera gel or Aloe Vera when we apply it on the skin, it can cool down the skin.

Tips To Avoid Rosacea
Tips To Avoid Rosacea
  • Prefer Cold Beverages Over Hot:

It is observed that the heat from the hot beverage can trigger rosacea. So it’s better to drink iced coffee or tea or anything that’s warm or lukewarm. 


Our body is our most valuable asset and we need to take proper of it. Rosacea doesn’t seem like a very dangerous disease but left untreated can cause irritation and inconvenience. So to treat rosacea we need to visit the dermatologist as soon as possible and do the needful. Take proper care of the skin, take precautions and exercise regularly to have nice flawless skin.

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