Top 5 Natural Remedies For Heartburn Without Any Side Effects

Natural Remedies For Heartburn

The common problems that cause heartburn in people are often due to the lifestyle that they live in. Eating habits, smoking, and other unhealthy habits are often the reasons behind heartburn. Taking up antacid medications can help ease it almost immediately. However, there are natural remedies for heartburn that can naturally help you without having to consume these chemicals. In general, lying down for a few hours after food intake can help you to get rid of heartburn. 

Often this is not possible due to the busy lifestyle that we are used to. So, we look at the remedies that can help you effectively get naturally rid of heartburn. These are done with regular day-to-day food items that are available almost in all places around the world. 

Safe And Natural Remedies For Heartburn
Safe And Natural Remedies For Heartburn

Baking Soda – One Of The Natural Remedies For Heartburn

The use of baking soda can help you to get rid of heartburn quite easily and quickly. You should not use baking powder but baking soda and mix it with water. The acid in your body neutralizes in no time at all make you feel at ease almost instantaneously. 

Studies and research have shown that people who consume water mixed with baking soda can work wonders for heartburn. This can be used regularly and is not known to have any side effects if you are a person who often heartburn issues. 

Aloe Juice Natural Remedies For Heartburn

Aloe vera is generally helpful in treating burning skin conditions. However, consuming aloe juice can help you get rid of heartburn by soothing the irritation that is caused by the reflux of acids in your stomach. You can get this juice in almost all grocery stores in your country. 

Your esophagus and stomach can be smoothened if you consume aloe juice 20 – 30 minutes before the consumption of food. It is considered the best among the natural remedies for heartburn that you have out there. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

This might not taste all that great but is surprisingly one of the useful natural remedies to treat heartburn. All you can do is take a glass of water and mix 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and consume it. You would get rid of heartburn in a few minutes with no side-effects. 

This is also available in any supermarket that you would come across. Have a small bottle handy with you and your fast food diet would get digested without causing you heartburn. 

The Best Natural Remedies For Heartburn
The Best Natural Remedies For Heartburn

Banana Or Apple – Natural Remedies For Heartburn

Consuming banana or apple daily can help you counter heartburn. It has natural antacids that take minutes to begin working in your system and esophagus and help overcome heartburn. 


All these are natural items that you can use to help get over-acidity and heartburn problems effectively. These are the ones who can work as a savior when you are on the job or the go. Change in eating habits, lifestyle, and self-care can help in countering heartburn. 

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