Treatments and Medication for Anxiety – Is it good?

Anxiety – this single word is the root cause of many physical and mental problems people are facing. In today’s high-pressure work and social life, a person is too prone to the issues that cause anxiety. So, treatments and medication for anxiety are very much important. But every treatment policy has its benefits and adverse effects. So, while choosing a particular way to lower your anxiety problems you must know the pros and cons of these.

Allopathic Medication for Anxiety

Allopathic medication for anxiety is very fruitful for the people who want to control his or her depression and anxiety quickly. Other than any other forms of medications and treatments like therapy, allopathic medication helps you to control your anxiety issues rather quickly. Medicines like Alprazolam or Diazepam easily control your anxiety attacks. These medicines, with many others, give immediate relief if you are facing such a problem.

Allopathic medication for anxiety also has its side effects. Sometimes, addiction becomes a problem as some people get easily addicted to these. Self-medication also a huge problem, as people tend to continue the medications as long as they want and this is the main reason for addiction. A Canadian Journal of Psychiatry published a report in 2010, which stated that these medications increase the mortality risk around 36 percent.

Treatments and Medication for Anxiety – Is it good?
Treatments and Medication for Anxiety – Is it good?

Homeopathic Medication for Anxiety

There is a general concept; homeopathy medicine is much safer than allopathic medicine. In the case of anxiety, the observation is similar to the general concept. Many people suffer from a general type of anxiety issues like loneliness, depression for any shortcoming, or any type of fear. These anxiety issues are easily cured by medicines like Gelsemium, Arsenic Album, etc. Some of these medicines work almost instantly. Some medicines may work in a span of 6 hours to 24 hours, according to the problem.

Though generally there are no such side effects of anxiety homeopathy medicine, the degree of action is based on the type of anxiety. Homeopathy medicine easily treats any mild anxiety issues. But in case of severe anxiety issues, these medicines may not quite well as you want.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is a very important way to treat your anxiety. CBT is nothing but psychotherapy. It evaluates the process of human thinking. It also examines the feelings and other human character human traits like behavior patterns.

CBT helps you to provide a clear picture of your problems. So, it will be easy to deal with your anxiety. CBT allows a person to go through their problems one by one. CBT helps to change your thinking pattern. This short-term technique allows you to reduce any kind of anxiety issue. Though it is a bit of time-consuming therapy, this practice helps you to get rid of the problem.

Treatments and Medication for Anxiety – Is it good?
Treatments and Medication for Anxiety – Is it good?

Herbal Treatments and Supplements

There are many herbal treatments available, but some herbal supplement comes with mild or strong side effects. So, you must keep an eye on these matters. Otherwise, it will adversely affect you.

Kava is a very good herbal supplement that helps you to control your anxiety issues. But some research also shows that Kava damages liver function. Even a small amount of kava can do some serious damage.

Valerian is just another product that also contains your anxiety issues. But the doctors prescribe this supplement for a small amount of time, like headaches, drowsiness is its side effects. Dizziness for a long time can cause serious damage to you.

The biggest problem in herbal products that most of the data you get on these products are of limited testing. So, large testing is required to mark all the herbal products safe and without any side effects.

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