Weight Loss: The Best Way To Prevent Coronavirus

Ongoing Pandemic: How To Treat COVID-19 At Home

In this global pandemic caused by Corona, one thing is clear that until no medication is provided, people are not safe to go outside. Weight loss is rumored to be a way through which its effects can be reduced to a great extent. We’ll uncover whether it is a fact or a myth. But first, we should know about what the Coronavirus is. This virus is a group of RNA viruses that spreads at a rapid rate inside mammals. However, among the mammal, it is comparatively more harmful to humans. This is because of this virus that can not be stored through their respiratory tracts but can even be lethal. 

Coronavirus’s Classifications

Coronavirus varies a lot in the risk factor. While some may kill more than 30% out of the infected, others may be relatively harmless and can result in common cold. Major symptoms of this virus are fever, sore throat, and even pneumonia. Corona cure is very crucial in this worse situation.

Weight Loss: The Best Way To Prevent Coronavirus
Weight Loss: The Best Way To Prevent Coronavirus

Losing Weight May Be One Way

Several experts have recommended weight to ease up the symptoms of the Coronavirus. This one may not be the Corona cure but can help you in reducing its risk to a great extent. This is because of the statistics which show that around 40% of patients were obese. This does not end here, as 55% of them died. For the ones who aged over 60 and were obese had even higher death rate. So, it is better to stay fit, and by improving your immune system, the virus’s effect can be reduced to a great level. Lung functionality plays a major role in getting affected by this disease. So, in obese people, when lying down on their belly, the volume of their diaphragm is reduced. Thus, there is a higher risk of Coronavirus. Several exercises can help people to become fit and active, ultimately improving their immune system. 

Some Exercise Tips For Reducing Weight

Reducing your weight can help in Corona treatment as your lungs to become better with proper exercises. So, with some tips, weight can be reduced even during this lockdown. 

1.    The first and most important thing to do is to curb carbs instead of fat. This is because of the effect on the heart caused when losing weight. A low-carbohydrate diet is more effective and will lead to better results. 

2.    The eating plan is to be considered and not the diet as the former will ultimately help you in the latter. Stick to a healthy plan which suits you the most. You can learn to have better food choices. 

3.    Exercise a lot and never lose faith in yourself. With the help of proper exercises, you can improve your body composition to a great extent. 

Weight Loss: The Best Way To Prevent Coronavirus
Weight Loss: The Best Way To Prevent Coronavirus

Wrap Up

Losing weight is technically not an actual Corona treatment but still is highly beneficial for reducing its risk. With proper exercise and diet, you can lose weight and reduce belly fat. This will help you in improving the immune system which ultimately will reduce the risk of this virus.