Your Guide To Gout Herbal Treatment

gout herbal treatment

Caring for your joints and body is an aspect of fitness that should not be left ignored. In the larger world, fitness practices are often assumed to be limited to flexing muscles, building immunity, and gaining strength. The bone and joint aspects often stay ignored due to a lack of knowledge and awareness, which leads to various ailments. One such condition is Gout. Caused due to the accumulation of uric acid in the form of crystals in the joints, gout can cause extreme pain in the joints and in time can lead to permanent damage of the tissues and bones over the region. Although there are treatments for gout available in the various hemispheres of medical science, you can go for a gout herbal treatment using the following natural foods and regime.

Enough Water Intake

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To start with, you can increase your water intake. The sufficiency of water in the blood can help to reduce pain and swelling over the area. It can also prevent gout from expanding any further. However, people with kidney issues should avoid it or take the doctors’ advice before adding this gout herbal treatment to their routine.

Use Ginger For Gout Herbal treatment

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Ginger is a proven remedy for swellings and inflammations across the world because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also helpful in reducing uric acid levels in the blood. You can consume it by adding ginger paste to one tablespoon of boiling water.

Take Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek is an herb that can be used for gout herbal treatment. The suggestive intake process involves soaking approximately one tablespoon of the seeds overnight in half a cup of water and then chewing it thoroughly in the morning.

Add Celery To Your Gout Herbal Treatment

Celery has a famous reputation for the treatment of urine related problems. Celery extracts or their seeds can be used as a remedy for gout. It can be eaten raw as the celery stick or can be juiced out and drank in a juicer.

Using Cherries

Cherries are a popular and renowned choice for the natural care of Gout. Cherries have high levels of anti-inflammatory compounds called anthocyanins. The benefit of cherries in gout symptoms and core problem can be taken by consuming it in any form like eating whole, consuming the juice, or supplementation based on cherry extracts.

Applying Castor Oil

There are not only edible treatment options but also applications based on naturopathy. Castor Oil can be used by heating it to a certain bearable temperature and applying it on the gout swollen region or wherever you feel the pain. It can be massaged or just dabbed using a cotton ball. This practice helps in deteriorating the deposit of toxins over the region and reduces redness and pain.


There are numerous solutions to numerous problems in the herbal world just like natural treatments are always there to rescue you from the pain of gout. Gout is a problem that can have serious consequences if ignored over a long time. However, taking preventive measures in time can help you to evade the disease if you stay aware and stick to naturals.

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